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Review: Is UENI an effective website builder?

4 May, 2023 · 6 min read·Website design
Review: Is UENI an effective website builder?
Learn more about UENI's website builder, including pricing, features, and pros and cons.

As a small business owner, you may be looking to create a new website. Whether you have a pre-existing site, or are just starting out and need to build one from scratch, finding a website builder can be helpful. However, you need the right solution to ensure you efficiently launch a site that helps your business grow.

Many small business owners don’t have the time, investment options, or even the skill set to put toward building an online presence or focusing on marketing campaigns. So what’s their best option? UENI’s website builder, as one of the many examples out there, could potentially be useful. 

UENI is a user-friendly, simplistic web builder that offers various templates, ecommerce features, web analytics, and more. Though it lacks the customization and flexibility of more advanced solutions, it’s not a bad intermediate-level method for getting your business up and running online. 

Let’s delve in a bit deeper to determine whether their services are worth your time, attention, and investment.

What is UENI?

UENI was established in 2014 in London, England, by Christine Telyan and Anh Pham Vu, with the goal of allowing small businesses to get online in an accessible way. 

Though headquartered in the UK, the web-building company has since expanded its market to include North America, parts of South America, and India. UENI considers itself to be both straightforward and budget-conscious, serving small business owners across various industries. 

What features does UENI include?

UENI has several features to help you along your web-building journey. You provide the information, and their team will create your website. This is without the use of AI, as the company has humans do all the leg work, which may extend your timeline to publish a site. 

Once you’ve chosen a plan on their site, you’re off to the races. You’ll create an account and follow the prompts and questions regarding the type of site you’re looking to make. 

UENI has five main product offerings: website creation, business profile creation, online presence growth, concierge services, and marketing support.

Website creation

Once you answer a few questions, UENI creates a website for you, including a mobile-friendly version. The company will write your content, select images, build your product and services, and more. 

Business profile creation

UENI will build a Google Business Profile for you. Ready and verified in 7 days, this profile is synced with your website, optimized for local search and helps increase your online visibility. 

Online presence growth

The company will increase your web presence by allowing you to take bookings online, sell products online, and sync your Google, Facebook, and Instagram shop.

Concierge services

UENI gives unlimited website edits upon request, and helps track how your web presence is growing by adding website tracking tools.

Marketing support

The company offers a customized marketing program. The UENI team will work with you to create a marketing program tailored to your business. This includes revisions when and where needed, a dedicated account manager, consulting, and reputation management. 

Attract. Win. Serve.

How much does UENI cost?

UENI has four paid plan options. 

The Basic plan is exactly how it sounds, primarily including (you guessed it) the basics: themes and layouts, a free custom domain name, and product setup services. 

The Plus plan includes all of the above, in addition to third-party integrations, a concierge service with unlimited edits, a quarterly SEO review, and an online booking system for sales and leads management. 

The Growth plan includes the above two package features, plus email and SEO consulting, a custom marketing program, and reputation management.

The Lifetime Deal plan is the only plan where purchasers have a 30-day money-back guarantee option. Though it has many features, it has far fewer features than the Growth plan.  

Lifetime Deal

  • $267/one-time payment 
  • Get your website and online store up and running with a one-time setup fee


  • $14.91/month 
  • The basic ingredients for a professional web presence


  • $59.08/month 
  • Hands-on ongoing support from UENI’s team


  • $96.58/month 
  • Advanced consulting to scale your online presence

Who is UENI best suited for?

For those compelled by UENI’s tagline, “Real humans build your website, not robots,” perhaps the company feels like a safe choice. However, the lack of AI can actually work against your goals, and can significantly hinder your ability to evolve. The combination of human and AI is a considerably better course of action in 2023 and beyond. 

Although your UENI website may be ready in 7 days, the editing function leaves much to the imagination. You may not have the best of luck if you want to make changes using their limited editor. 

As a growing business, you ultimately want to stand out. And what better way to do that than with an AI-driven tool made for professional service providers? B12 is ready to help. Get ready for a beautiful website with better design, bespoke content, and seamless client engagement. 

Our all-in-one web builder first delivers a website draft geared to your industry, which our experts then hone specifically to your unique business and value proposition. Plus, our impressive client engagement tools help to ensure your small business attracts new clients and serves them with a best-in-class online experience.

What are the pros and cons of using UENI?


  • Provides free hosting maintenance 
  • Builds comprehensive ecommerce websites based on users' individual needs 
  • 7-day turnaround for all websites


  • UENI does not offer a free trial or a free plan 
  • Compared to some competitors, the platform is costly 
  • Lack of certain design modification capabilities

Does UENI offer technical support?

UENI offers a few customer support options, such as an FAQ section, live chat, email, knowledge base, and a video library.  

The UENI team is not all that easy to reach, however. Although these support channels technically exist, they aren’t always available. The only way to obtain consistent support through email or live chat is to have the most expensive plans. 

Although UENI’s knowledge base has some detailed guides, it’s relatively disorganized and not the most user-friendly. Similarly, the video library is not as helpful as perhaps was the intention. There’s only so much information to be gathered here, and many questions can still be left unanswered.

B12, on the other hand, is known for having extremely helpful support and great customer service. Looking for step-by-step instructions and answers to your questions? The Support Center is robust and highly informational. Want to speak to a real person? You can access phone support by scheduling a call. You can also reach B12’s customer success team via chat or email.

What are some UENI alternatives for small businesses?

If UENI isn’t quite right for you as a small business owner, there are many other alternatives on the market. There’s always the option of going with do-it-yourself models. This can, unfortunately, lead to more effort on the part of the business owner, since there typically aren’t helpful web-building tools set up and available.  

Alternatively, some other solutions out there provide custom designs created specially by agencies. This is an expensive, lengthy process and not well-suited for many small businesses that want to make on-the-fly changes fast.

Fortunately, a better option exists! A web builder like B12 doesn’t put a huge strain on your wallet while still helping with the challenges of design, content, and SEO. With AI on our side (and yours), B12’s web builder saves you time and money while still getting a custom website that reflects your brand. 

By combining our top-tier designers, copywriters, and SEO specialists with integrated tools, we’ve formulated the perfect solution to help you foster prospects and better serve clients.

UENI review summary

Is UENI the best solution for your website? Though the company claims to be budget-friendly, we’ve found this isn’t quite the case. You’re paying a fair bit to not even benefit from cutting-edge technology, like AI, or get on-demand human expertise. 

Commensurate with many UENI reviews out there, many users are also dissatisfied with their technical support limitations, as well as their lack of design modification capabilities. 

At B12, we’ve crafted a platform that pulls all the tools and important aspects you need together. Our goal is to help you shine online while you demonstrate credibility, develop leads, and simplify client interactions. 

Our company creates a winning, well-oiled, and highly professional website that generates business and makes you stand out. The positive feedback we get from our happy customers says it all, but don’t just take our word for it: try B12 today for free.


What is UENI?

UENI provides web-building solutions for small businesses that want to build their online presence. They serve several regions globally. 

Who founded UENI?

The tech company was founded by Christine Telyan and Anh Pham Vu. 

How can I delete my UENI website?

If you’re looking to delete your UENI site, there are a few steps you’ll need to take. Once you’ve logged into your account, go to ‘My Account.’ In the ‘Subscription’ tab, click ‘Close Account’ next to your specific plan. A feedback form will then populate. After all steps are completed, your website should be deleted in one business week.

Where is UENI based?

UENI has been headquartered in London, England since its initial inception.

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