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The professional services industry is competitive. You need to find ways to stand out among your competitors to truly differentiate yourself from other consultants, firms, and companies. A simple way to do this is to build a stunning website with compelling copy that attracts more clients to choose you as their go-to professional services firm.

With so many professional service firms out there, we’ll help differentiate you from the sea of sameness to help you land more clients than ever before. Building a professional services website helps you create an online presence that new clients can easily discover and connect with you on.

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Website design for insurance brokers
Website design for insurance brokers

Key components of a professional service firm website

Build your authority

Standing out amongst the competition is no easy task. When building your professional service firm website, it’s crucial to determine your unique value proposition to ensure you separate yourself from your competitors. You’ll want to highlight your expertise, differentiate yourself, and provide as much value as you can so people know you’re the real deal. A website is a great place to share your expertise, especially on a blog. When people keep coming back to learn from you, they eventually either buy from you or hire you.

Generate more clients

Having a strong online presence can help you generate more clients. A website adds a level of credibility to your business that’ll make it easier to attract more clients. You can add intake forms to your site, email opt-in forms, and create landing pages and blog posts to attract new clients to your business organically. You can also work with our SEO professionals to help you build your domain authority, so your business ranks higher in search engines.

Improve client communication

Professional service firms often have relationships at the core of the business. Building and nurturing a relationship with a potential client is made easy with B12. You can add an online scheduling tool for clients to book meetings with you to discuss their needs. You can also add intake forms and email opt-in forms to maintain your relationship with clients and strengthen your relationship. Plus, you can send over contracts to new clients so you both set the right expectations for your new collaboration.

Simplify your business operations

With B12, easily centralize all aspects of running your business. From attracting clients to maintaining relationships, you can manage intake, payments, and more on the same platform. Plus, running a business and managing a website can be time-consuming. Fortunately, B12 handles more aspects of your site so you focus on client relationships. Need a higher search ranking? Our SEO specialists ensure you follow best practices. Need more clients? Our team of copywriters can produce more content to help you attract the right visitors organically and guide them toward conversion.

A proven method for building professional services websites

You’re there for your clients, we’re here to support you

Building and maintaining a website can require a lot of work. When you’re on the go, helping clients all day, it can be hard to find time to invest in building a professional service firm website. Fortunately, B12, with the help of its AI technology, builds you a complete, fully-stacked website in 30 days or less without taking up much of your time.

Our team is complete with professional designers, copywriters, and SEO experts who can manage all aspects of building your website in your image and tone of voice to help you build customer trust and attract a bigger client base. That way, you can put all your energy in providing excellent service to your clients instead of spreading yourself thin.


Generate an initial AI draft

Getting a quick concept of what your new professional service firm website will look like doesn’t take much time. It only takes about 60 seconds! Our AI helps generate a quick initial draft of what your website could look like. From there, you can provide feedback on what and we’ll send those details over to our team to get started on personalizing your new website.


Get design support from our team

From a beautiful website design to captivating copy, B12’s team works cohesively to create the professional website you’ve envisioned in your head. We’ll build you a professional services firm website that’s mobile responsive, easy to navigate, and optimized for conversions in under 30 days.


Grow revenue with online payments, automation, and conversion tools

Website pop-ups, easy-to-read banners, and clear call-to-actions can help you see a rise in conversions on your website. You’ll also be able to book meetings with potential clients with an online scheduling tool, ensure they sign contracts, invoice them, and manage your business’ payments. All aspects of running a conversion-focused business can easily be included in your new professional services website with the help of B12.


Launch your professional services website

In 30 days or less, you’ll have a ready-to-go website complete with a stunning design, compelling copy, and built to rank over the long haul. Your site will have all the key web pages you need to help educate new customers about who you are and why they should choose you. You’ll be ready to start promoting your new website to start attracting new clients and growing your base.

How to separate your professional service firm website from the competition

  • Fast page speed with reliable uptimes
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • New weekly blog content to educate website visitors
  • Positive testimonials from current clients
  • A beautiful homepage design
  • Opt-in forms to attract new potential customers
  • Web pages to educate visitors about who you are and your services
  • SEO: on-page and off-page
  • Call-to-actions on landing pages
  • Good user experience design for easy navigation
  • Conversion-focused website design

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What makes a professional services website exceptional

The most effective professional services websites focus on attracting and retaining new clients

A business instantly dies without sales. Your new website is all about building an online presence that helps ensure that never happens. An amazing website design will help build customer trust and allow you to make a positive first impression.

B12 builds websites that look beautiful to attract new clients, creates content that educates to retain clients, and builds domain authority so your business can thrive for years to come.

From social proof to user-generated content, we’ll ensure your website is updated with the latest conversion optimization techniques. B12 can build all of the website pages you need to help ensure your business offers visitors the information they’re looking for, and to help you rank highly on search engines like Google.

To get ideas and inspiration for your new site, check out our collection of beautiful websites built by B12 experts.

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Since 2016, we’ve built custom websites for professional service firm websites

B12 specializes in building and maintaining websites for professional service companies looking to boost their client base

Our team handles all aspects of web design from beginning to end. However, unlike traditional web designers, we’re also able to help you maintain your website and keep it active with new blog content, optimized for the latest SEO practices with algorithm updates, and new landing pages as your service offering expands. We specialize in helping professional service firms design and manage their websites as needed.

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Since 2016, we’ve built custom websites for professional service firm websites
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What do other service businesses think of B12’s website design?

Leroy Maxwell, Jr.
Founder and Attorney, Maxwell Tillman
Maxwell Tillman

I would recommend B12 to any company that wants a team to manage and grow their website while they focus on growing the business. With B12, founders can be rest assured that their website is in good hands and, more importantly, prove its value and ROI.

Leroy Maxwell, Jr.

Leroy Maxwell, Jr.

Founder and Attorney, Maxwell Tillman

Read Leroy Maxwell, Jr.'s story
Barbara Bartelsmeyer
Partner / COO, Action Logistix
Action Logistix

I can make [website edits] myself, and it’s as simple as working in a Word document. If I need more help, I’ll email the B12 team and within 24 hours, boom, it’s done.

Barbara Bartelsmeyer

Barbara Bartelsmeyer

Partner / COO, Action Logistix

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Brett Packard
Head of Operations, TaxStudio

We get a lot of compliments on our website. Many potential clients are very impressed by our site, and often say it looks expensive.

Brett Packard

Brett Packard

Head of Operations, TaxStudio

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Heather Carnes
Founder, Envision HR
Envision HR

B12 has raised the entire bar of website professionalism.

Heather Carnes

Heather Carnes

Founder, Envision HR

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Frequently asked questions from professional service firms

To engage your audience, you’ll need website features that help you attract, educate, and retain website visitors. You’ll want to create a blog with the latest resources about your industry, an online scheduling tool so people can easily connect with you, and an email list for people to follow along with your latest news and updates.

You can differentiate your professional service firm from others by offering exceptional service to clients. When firms try to take on too much, they often spread themselves thin, which impacts the level of detail and care they provide to their clients. By working with B12, you have someone managing your website, so you can continue offering your clients the best service possible.

A professional service website should include countless web pages and tools to simplify running a business. You’ll want to generate landing pages, contact forms, a service page, and an about us page so people can learn as much about you and your industry as possible. Then, you’ll want to have an online scheduling tool, opt-in forms, invoice maker, and online payment processor to simplify the aspects of running a business. B12 is fully-loaded with all these things and more.

On average, building a custom website costs up to $10,000. You could do it yourself, but it’s important to remember that 94% of all first impressions on a website are design related. If visitors don’t like what they see, they’ll leave. And unless you’re a professional designer, it’s difficult to ensure your site looks polished, has the right balance of text and images, and is designed for engagement. You might lose out on potential customers based on your amateur-looking web design.

B12 has a team of professional designers, copywriters, and SEO experts who build out your entire website for much less than the cost of working with a design agency. You also have on-platform support after you launch and you can always edit your site yourself using the B12 Editor. With B12, you get the complete and professional design you’re looking for but at an affordable price for a custom build and more flexibility.

You can create a professional service website in a few easy steps. You can generate an AI draft in 60 seconds on B12’s website to help you decide what features and elements you’d like on your website. You can then work with B12’s team of designers and copywriters to build an about us page, services page, homepage, blog, and more. Next, you’ll add conversion elements, such as a pop-up, website banner, and call-to-actions to optimize your site for engagement. Then finally, launch your website and start sending the URL to your leads and clients.


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