Website design for lawyers

Why good website design for lawyers matters

For many lawyers, creating a website is an intimidating task that's outside of their expertise. But these days, it's a non-negotiable if you want to reach prospective clients and win new business.

More than a third of people start their search online when hiring a law firm. To make the best first impression, your firm needs a professional, modern website built to convert visitors to new clients and provide a seamless experience that keeps them coming back.

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Website design for lawyers
Website design for lawyers

All the ingredients of a well-designed website for lawyers

Makes you look credible

When a prospective client lands on your website, they judge your credibility in a millisecond. A professionally crafted law firm website effectively addresses client concerns and presents your practice area expertise as the solution they’re searching for.

Streamlines client interactions

Effortlessly maintain relationships with all of your firm’s contacts. A contact manager built into your website builder simplifies, automates, and adds consistency to your communications, including follow-up emails and billing reminders.

Helps attract new clients

You don't have to spend more on marketing to gain clients. Following an SEO strategy gives your site a better chance at performing well with search engines, and listing your firm in legal directories helps people find you. To convert visitors to clients, infuse your site with conversion tools like pop-ups and banners.

Simplifies your law firm’s business operations

A quality law firm website can centralize all parts of your business and let you manage them in the cloud. This includes your client list, email marketing efforts, payments, appointment booking, and other interactions. Streamlining workflows by having them run through your website means you spend less time managing operations and more time helping clients.

A winning approach to law firm websites

You started your firm to help clients, not design websites.

B12’s team and AI-powered technology do the heavy lifting to bring you online and sell more legal services with less effort. We help you launch your professional site in only 30 days, complete with powerful tools to streamline your business, so your time and energy is focused on client work.

B12 enables attorneys to launch modern websites with tools to help attract, win, and serve clients online. We set up your firm with everything you need to deliver incredible services that make your clients’ lives easier and encourage repeat business.


Build your AI draft

Building a website for your law firm doesn’t need to be a drawn-out process. B12 makes the process quick by using AI to create the first draft of your site. Answer a few questions about your firm, and B12 will show you a site specific to your legal practice in under 60 seconds.


Engage with experts in law firm web design

With a solid starting point for design and copywriting, our experts then work with you to customize and launch your mobile-friendly, fully branded website. It looks credible, is search-optimized, and primed for smooth client interactions. B12’s experienced designers, copywriters, and SEO specialists are always available to update your site — or you can do it yourself with our easy website editing tool.


Drive revenue through automation, payments, and conversion tools

On-site pop-ups, banners, and calls to action boost your conversion rate, while appointment scheduling and online payments let visitors purchase your services and schedule time to work together, directly on your site. Automated reminders help you eliminate no-shows and consistently receive payments on time.


Launch your law firm’s newly designed website

The sooner your new website launches, the sooner you’ll be found by potential clients. Once your site goes live, harness powerful online tools like payments, appointment scheduling, email marketing, and client intake to provide clients with a convenient experience that keeps them coming back.

Law firm website design for every practice area

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What are the most important website development and design basics for law firm websites?

The best modern websites, specifically the best law firm websites, include these key features.

  • Fast page speed
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Valuable information that’s easy to find, notably on the contact page
  • Testimonials from happy clients
  • A list of your firm’s practice areas and services
  • An enticing front page that motivates website visitors to take the next step with your business
  • Law firm SEO best practices
  • Built-in features and tools that support your firm's marketing, lead generation, and conversion rate
  • A professional photo of you and the firm's other attorneys
  • Intuitive website navigation and user experience

Good law firm website design can help you grow your business fast

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What separates a good law firm website from a great one?

The best law firm websites are both simple for visitors to use and powerful in helping your practice grow.

Your law firm website should effortlessly collect qualified leads via forms and signups, centralize their details, automate communications with them (e.g., email marketing and automated follow-up messages), and offer you tools to more easily convert them to clients.

A major differentiator for law firm websites is to harness technology that simplifies client communications. According to the American Bar Association, more than 60% of law firms do not offer online scheduling, digital document management, or online payments for clients.

An easy way to set your firm apart from other firms and improve the lawyer-client relationship is to make it easier for clients to contact you, submit contracts, and pay for your legal services directly on your firm’s website.

For more inspiration and to see examples of great law firm websites, browse the gallery of B12's best law firm websites.

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Reliable, secure, and fully supported

Building better websites for solo attorneys and small law firms since 2016

B12 specializes in building custom websites for law firms that meet legal industry best practices and make a great first impression on every potential client.

Our team handles your entire project from end to end, while still giving you control over design preferences and the ability to make quick web page updates using our intuitive editor.

The B12 platform was created specifically for service businesses, and our experts have built hundreds of law firm websites that emphasize each company's unique expertise and services, with design, marketing, and conversion features that prompt website visitors to take the next step.

B12 is proud to receive 4+ stars on the top review sites, including:

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Building better websites for solo attorneys and small law firms since 2016
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What do other law firms and attorneys think of B12’s website design?

Ron Matten
Founder and Attorney, Matten Law
Matten Law

I would definitely recommend B12 to companies looking to take their online business seriously. The value that B12 provides is unparalleled.

Ron Matten

Ron Matten

Founder and Attorney, Matten Law

Read Ron Matten's story
Leroy Maxwell, Jr.
Founder and Attorney, Maxwell Tillman
Maxwell Tillman

I would recommend B12 to any company that wants a team to manage and grow their website while they focus on growing the business. With B12, founders can be rest assured that their website is in good hands and, more importantly, prove its value and ROI.

Leroy Maxwell, Jr.

Leroy Maxwell, Jr.

Founder and Attorney, Maxwell Tillman

Read Leroy Maxwell, Jr.'s story

Frequently asked questions from attorneys

Yes, you can refer to our full list of the integrations available for your website. Many offer free versions, trials, or let you sign up for a free marketing consultation to see them in action. We definitely recommend using integrations on your website, as is common on the best law firm websites and can add even more power to your B12 site.

Some of the most popular tools and integrations for law firm websites and marketing include Google Analytics, MailChimp, Avvo, QuickBooks, and Yelp.

If your firm’s website isn’t receiving traffic, it’s likely because it isn’t ranking well on search engines. Start by confirming that Google knows your firm's website exists and is able to crawl its content. It's also possible that slow loading speed or poor site structure are impacting your ranking on search engines.

Other issues may be related to poor mobile optimization, security, or you're targeting keywords that are too competitive. For all of these issues, it's easiest for lawyers to delegate to SEO specialists, like the ones at B12. We'll diagnose the issues on your website that are holding you back from significant website traffic.

B12's website development checklist for law firms ensures your website looks and functions perfectly on all devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. To confirm your website performs as intended on mobile, you can visit your site from your smartphone and navigate through each page or ask clients, colleagues, friends, or family for feedback on its mobile usability.

Yes, there are several law firm-specific directory sites where B12 will be your law firm website is listed, including niche ones for your practice areas that may help you get more clients. Some of the most popular sites where lawyers and law firms list their website for marketing purposes include Avvo, FindLaw,, LegalZoom, and Justia. There may be others local to your state or region, where we’ll also get you listed.

All law firms face fierce competition, and when you're a small law firm, it often feels like you’re at a disadvantage. Luckily, platforms like B12 exist that make it possible and accessible for lawyers to compete against large companies, corporations, and the best law firm websites.

We design websites that enable smaller law firms and solo attorneys to be more competitive online, even with a limited marketing budget and in a crowded market. If you’re struggling to reach clients or convert website visitors, start by auditing your website. Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you conduct a website audit:

  • Is my website accessible on all devices, including smartphones? More than half of website traffic comes from mobile, so you can’t afford to skip this if you want to gain clients.
  • Does each page include a clear next step for visitors? Is there a call-to-action button or link to other key pages, such as the contact page or a relevant blog post?
  • Does my site include fresh legal content that prospective clients and search engines deem valuable?
  • What features or functionality does my website lack that other firms include on their site? This could be online scheduling, intake forms, eSignatures, online marketing integrations, or payment processing.

When you hire a design company for your law firm website, it can cost up to $50K to achieve the final product. ​​The project’s timeline, scope, hours of your time, and the amount of feedback you’re required to give are significantly more than what you experience with B12.

Say you want to make updates to your website over time. With an agency, you’re completely reliant on them to see changes made, which may take weeks or even months. They also have very limited tech support or customer success to help you with any website glitches or issues. With a design agency or freelancer, you won't gain access to features that support your firm's marketing strategy, forcing you to seek out third-party products on your own and pay separately for them.

B12 approaches law firm web design a little differently than traditional agencies and freelance designers. We combine the power of experts and technology in an all-in-one platform that delivers the best experience for law firms and their clients. We design websites using modern principles that meet legal industry standards and help you stand out from other law firms.

With B12, you’ll spend less than working with a design company, save time, look professional, and more easily grow your business with a site designed to attract, win, and serve clients online. To hear first-hand from real lawyers and law firms about the B12 experience, visit our Reviews page.


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