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As an immigration attorney, every corner of your website must convey professionalism.

Families and individuals navigating the complex immigration system are looking for an expert to put them at ease and lead them through the next steps of their immigration case. Investing in the quality of your site establishes credibility with potential clients from all over the world and increases conversions for your firm.

A basic website isn’t going to set you apart against the competitive landscape of immigration attorneys. You need top-notch web design, content, and features that combine to offer your prospects and clients a seamless online experience that communicates your value, offers education on the immigration process, and compels them to work with you.

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Establish credibility with potential clients who need citizenship and immigration services

Your website is how most prospective clients find you and contact you. For people facing immigration issues, there’s no time to waste, and communication is crucial.

Your site must simplify every step and leave no room for ambiguity. Attention to detail is key in immigration applications and USCIS forms, which is why it’s so important that your website demonstrates your rigor. Every page, form, and scheduling link must work perfectly.

The right website platform will give you everything you need to maintain a high-quality site, reach more clients, engage them toward conversion, and nurture those relationships over time over time.

Once someone hires you, ensure your site has all of the functionality that makes it quick and easy to get in touch, submit important documents, schedule their next appointment, and submit payment for your services — all from your website.

Reliable, secure, and fully supported

What every immigration lawyer website needs

What every immigration lawyer website needs

Intuitive web design

Choose a balanced web design layout that visitors can easily navigate to find what they’re looking for. People seeking immigration legal help are stressed, and the last thing they need is another complication. Make your site as user-friendly as possible.

Compelling content

Communicate clearly and succinctly the services and benefits that your firm offers. One of the most effective ways to do this is by highlighting positive experiences that previous or existing clients have had, usually in the form of testimonials.

Conversion-oriented tools

Features and functionality like contact forms, announcement banners, and pop-ups help you convince visitors to learn more about your services and engage with your practice, moving them closer to becoming a client.

A client-centric experience

Concentrate on making your website well-organized and enjoyable for clients to use repeatedly. Every step of working with your immigration law firm should be simple, from signing a digital contract to booking a follow-up appointment and submitting online payments.

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Jia Junaid

I love that B12 prompts me to update certain [website] features and add integrations like online scheduling to increase efficiency in my law firm. These recommendations are often things that I would have never considered but have proved to be incredibly useful.

Jia Junaid
Founder of Atlas Law / B12 customer Since 2018

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Ron Matten

We have added a partner and doubled the size of our team. More recently, [B12] redesigned our website to incorporate video into the homepage and was extremely helpful when we decided to refresh our brand. They made the process very easy to make updates while staying consistent with our prior branding. The site [now] helps better manage client leads by funneling to a single point of contact.

Ron Matten
Founder of Matten Law / B12 customer Since 2018

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Helping immigration attorneys exude quality and professionalism online

B12 builds best-in-class websites for immigration law firms that meet client expectations and fulfill industry best practices. Our team of designers, copywriters, and SEO specialists take the lead on your website project while giving you the flexibility and option to leave feedback at any time. Make edits to your site whenever you’d like with B12’s intuitive website editor.

Our platform is the best option for service businesses working to scale because it frees up the time you’d otherwise spend designing a website to instead focus on helping your clients. B12 experts have created hundreds of law firm websites that highlight what makes each practice unique and valuable to clients.

Enabling our customers to grow their businesses online has earned us hundreds of stellar reviews on top review websites, including

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Frequently asked questions from
immigration attorneys

Yes, your blog is a great space to provide guidance on the immigration process, including articles about immigration status, visas, deportation, asylum, naturalization, and anything else your practice area handles that your audience might be Googling. One place to look for content ideas is the USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) or American Bar Association websites.

A great way to gain traction online and get more eyes on your website is to be listed on relevant legal directories, including the American Immigration Lawyers Association website.

The most effective forms you can add to engage visitors and clients are contact forms or “request a consultation” form that includes the option to schedule an appointment without delay. Both of these forms help you collect lead information and establish relationships with potential clients.

Yes, during the launch process, your copywriters and SEO specialists will ensure your website content is optimized for the keywords and terms that your audience is searching for. For example, if your immigration law firm is located in Tallahassee, we’ll optimize it, so you’re more likely to appear in Google searches such as “immigration lawyer in tallahassee fl.”

This is a great idea, especially since every firm operates in a unique way. Leads will appreciate it if you make it clear exactly what the process looks like when they work with you on various immigration cases, such as requesting asylum, trying to return to the U.S. after being deported, facing deportation proceedings, or green card eligibility.

For each of these common circumstances, clearly explain your process and put visitors at ease. You can also include downloadable resources on these pages that provide even more detail about important processes.


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