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The 10 best websites for family lawyers

23 November, 2020 · 10 min read·Website design
The 10 best websites for family lawyers
This post will look at ten design options from the best law firm websites across the world. By understanding what works for these sites, you can model your design to emulate the same design elements and features.

Are you a partner at a family law firm? If you recently decided to take your business online, thanks to COVID, you're joining the thousands of legal firms taking the digital leap this year. With the global pandemic causing more firms to start operating from home, the need for an online presence is more important than ever before.

Building a website for your family law practice exposes you to more opportunities. Your website acts as a marketing tool, drawing qualified prospects looking for your legal services. The best way to get a feel for your website needs - is to look at the competition.

Your due diligence should involve creating a shortlist of your top 10 competitors. Review their websites and look for common design elements and features that offer value to prospects browsing the site. Take the best features and design from your competitors, and use those components in your site's build.

This post will look at ten design options from the best law firm websites across the world. By understanding what works for these sites, you can model your design to emulate the same design elements and features.

#1 Roulston Urquhart Criminal Defense

This criminal defense firm is an excellent example of a legal site that oozes authority, credibility, and professionalism. The design is confident and bold, and somewhat intimidating – The characteristics of what you would expect in a top criminal defense attorney.

The site carries a minimalist design, using monochromatic cold colors to create a no-nonsense tone. The highlight of this site is the attorney biographies. The bios feature elegant language, portraying the firm's core values as defending their clients at all costs.

Bios are especially crucial for your family law firm website design. Prospects want to know who they're working with and the attorney's track record before they sign a mandate. The site addresses this issue with the best bio and about us page in this review.

#2 West Coast Trial Lawyers

West Coast Trial Lawyers is another criminal defense firm with excellent website design. Sure, they might not be a family office, but the design still has elements that can fit into your brand image as a family firm.

This site offers exceptional user-friendly navigation, allowing easy access to all areas of the site. The top ribbon features all the relevant tabs you need, and the footer contains a site map for easy page reference.

A sitemap and user-friendly navigation are two critical design components to include in your site. If your prospect lands on your home page, and they're looking for your phone number, make sure they can access your contact details with one click.

West Coast Trial Lawyers offers their phone number in the top right-hand corner, right next to text stating, "free consultations/ no fees until we win." That's a powerful statement and CTA designed to get your prospect to take action – make sure you include CTAs on all the pages on your site.

#3 YLaw Group

The YLaw Group is a family firm offering divorce lawyers services to clients, along with services for child custody, child support, domestic violence, and estate planning. YLaw is an example of family law attorneys utilizing the same opt-in strategies as trial defense lawyers.

The top right corner of the screen hosts the firm's phone number, with a contact bar on the right side for easy access to assistance on every page.

Another excellent design feature of the site is its "featured in" section, presenting all the top-rated publications collaborating with the firm. This feature establishes credibility in the eyes of your prospect, showing you as a firm they can trust with their concerns.

The navigation bar includes the phrase "exclusively environmental" under the firm's name.

This design feature prevents visitors to the site from attempting to reach out about their services, slowing them down.

That might not seem like a huge feature, but call up the YLaw group, and they'll tell you it saves them hundreds of wasted hours in calls that go nowhere.

#4 Bhatt Law Group

The Bhatt Law Group is an excellent example of a functional design with an eye-pleasing aesthetic. The standout design in the firm's site is its color-coded navigation.

This firm specializes in many different practice areas, including personal injury. It prevents client confusion when navigating the site; it uses a color-coding system to guide prospects to the right landing pages.

The orange and black colors provide a stark contrast, allowing for easy recognition of your site destination. The color scheme also helps to direct users' attention to the clickable CTAs on all the pages. CTAs are a critical part of any site design. They help to drive conversion, giving the prospect the chance to take action at any stage.

It's a clever sales tactic, where you "close" on the prospect. The CTA asks if they would like to take action on their situation and work with your family laws office as their preferred legal service.

The site also offers a user-friendly homepage design. The page lists all the firm's legal disciplines and specific attorneys within the firm that specialize in the area of law you need for your case. The site is a fantastic example of an organic sales funnels, pushing the prospect into contacting the firm for advice.

#5 Bick Law LLP

Bick Law LLP is a great example of a law office using its corporate branding to enhance its web design. The firm specializes in environmental law, and the branding theme extends throughout the web design.

The homepage is the standout of this site, offering a slider displaying different catchphrases and images. The slider features word-puns and animals as the focal points of the design theme, giving an eco-friendly appearance to the site.

#6 Tremain Artaza

Tremain Artaza's website homepage is an outstanding example of a functional design that immediately addresses prospects' questions. The homepage focuses on building trust with the firm in an industry where many prospects don't trust lawyers.

However, the standout on the site is the firm's FAQ section. An FAQ helps prospects find the answers to frequently asked questions without picking up the phone. The site includes CTAs in the FAQ, allowing your prospect to take action if they find the answer they're looking for in the FAQ.

Adding an FAQ to your site also affects SEO, increasing your search ranking. The search bots like to index posts and pages featuring FAQ, as they feel the FAQ offers more quality content and value to people searching using legal keywords.

#7 Robbins Firm

The Robbins Firm lists itself as a boutique litigation firm. The standout on the site uses whiteboard animations to explain the companies offering to potential clients.

The animations provide a user-friendly experience, demonstrating the firms offering in detail without getting overly complicated.

The site uses interesting language across the board. Phrases like "we don't follow the standard playbook" and "creative perspective" provide silky-smooth copy that captures the reader's attention.

#8 Lash & Goldberg LLP

This firm specializes in business litigation, and it shows in the site design. The site has a clean, professional design, with scrolling navigation making it easy to move around the forms offers.

The site emphasizes its attorney bios, with text that's familiar language to corporates, executives, and business professionals who need an attorney that works around their schedule.

#9 Parris

The Parris law firm website capitalizes on a strong design combination of influential messaging and simplicity. The homepage has a large tab that states, "Over $1.1-billion in settlements."

What more do you need to know as a prospect?

It's a great way of using reputation to market for new prospects. The site resolves the main user query, right on the homepage, without navigating further around the sitemap.

Under the message, the site offers prospects a glimpse into its mission, showing the prospect they are dealing with lawyers that will fight for them. It's a fantastic way of building rapport and credibility with the prospect right off the bat.

#10 W3IP Law

The law firm specializes in intellectual property law and digital law. From the second you land on the site's homepage, you get the impression of professionalism, with a digital theme to the site design.

This site does a great job of leaving CTAs on every page, calling the prospect to take action and reach out through their preferred communications channels. However, the standout in this site – is the easy navigation.

The site offers a user-friendly navigation experience with an intuitive design covering three navigational cues – Commercialize, Respond, or Protect. Each of the three provides the prospect a unique legal service,

The site shows users on the homepage that the firm can help with any of these three legal issues, and where to go for more information, or how to reach out for legal assistance immediately. As a result, the site experiences a lower bounce rate and longer dwelling time.

In Closing

Each of the examples in the review has a unique standout design element. From FAQs, information blogs, and CTAs, each has something to teach you about the right design elements to add to your family law website.

Consider these design elements when putting together your website, and you'll start seeing traffic flooding to your homepage and landing pages. This guide will help lawyers like yourself develop a website that successfully converts visitors to customers.

If you need help with law firm website design or redesign, B12 is the AI website builder you can trust. B12 is more than a web design platform; we offer features and guidance aimed to elevate your firm’s legal marketing, content marketing, SEO, and more.

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