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New in 2022 | B12 features to work more efficiently and ensure a seamless client experience

14 December, 2022 · 4 min read·Website design
New in 2022 | B12 features to work more efficiently and ensure a seamless client experience

Before we hit the ground running in 2023, let’s briefly reflect on this past year and everything new available to you in B12, in case you missed it. In 2022, we introduced several new features to help you run your business more efficiently, reduce dependence on third-party tools, and create a smoother experience for your website visitors, prospects, and clients. 

From new multi-user functionality to more flexible invoicing workflows, your account has gained a variety of automation and customization options to ensure you provide better service and grow your business. All of these updates result from your and your fellow customers' helpful feedback and requests.

So, let’s dive into the recent improvements to help you attract, win, and serve clients and make next year your best. Don't hesitate to log in and start leveraging new features today or contact us with requests for what we should add next!

Work more efficiently

Run your business from anywhere. B12 is now available on mobile! You no longer have to wait until you’re back at your desktop to update some website copy or issue a payout. Instead, log in from your phone or tablet to complete important actions related to your website, invoicing, contact management, scheduling, team permissions, SEO, and analytics.  

Improve your team’s collaboration. Invite your staff, contractors, and other collaborators to your B12 account, so you can easily delegate tasks, track your firm’s interactions with contacts, and work more efficiently. If you haven’t already, send invites to your team members and customize their permissions so they have the right access to the right tools. Learn more

Speed up billing. B12 Invoicing got better and better this year with a number of updates, including new invoice templates and the ability to issue payouts in fewer clicks. Generate professional invoices in seconds and set up a faster, more repeatable billing process that can save you hours each week without paying for separate invoice software. Learn more

Prep for tax time fast. If you use B12 to create and send invoices, the details of all your transactions are saved in your invoicing dashboard so you can easily reference and download them. Export your invoice data via CSV in seconds and share it with your accountant by importing the downloaded invoices to your QuickBooks account. A few clicks later, your invoices are synced in your bookkeeping system and ready to manage, review, and share as you prepare for tax time. Learn more

Edit without delay. When you’re ready to update your site, you want to do it now, which is why we've focused on making the B12 Editor quicker than ever. Now, it loads 7x faster, so you can make changes sooner.

Easily edit images in B12. You asked for it and it’s here! You can edit images inside B12 without using third-party software or services. Crop, flip or rotate an image, add a filter, then undo any changes you don’t like. 

Build a better client experience

Enhance the client journey. Avoid client frustration, remove delays, and get paid sooner by setting up automatic steps on your site that trigger based on client behavior. You can now have total control and customization over the actions a prospect or client takes on your website, whether you want them to submit payment, schedule a consultation, fill out a form, or finalize a contract. Automated workflows help you efficiently nurture clients toward conversion and ensure they have a smooth experience on your site. Learn more

Offer convenient autopay. For clients that have an ongoing relationship with you and frequently purchase the same service, allow them to set up autopay. It's one less thing for them to keep track of, eliminates the need for late payment nudges, and keeps your cash flow coming in on time. Learn more

Provide more flexible scheduling options. In our increasingly online world, many people prefer video calls to in-person. Connect with your leads and clients remotely by allowing for video conferencing as the meeting location for certain appointments. Your site will also automatically display available appointments in the attendees' local time zones, so there’s no confusion. 

Win new business

Showcase your services. Giving each service its own page makes it more likely your site will appear in relevant search results to the people who need your expertise. New sign-ups will automatically have a page created for each of their services with calls to action, scheduling, and an intake form to help sell it. For customers on older style versions, we recommend you request an update to have an expert set these up for you.

Close deals with a discount. There’s new price flexibility you can apply to your invoices, including discounts and tax for individual invoice items or the total. Applying a discount, especially to first-time clients, is a great way to convince undecided prospects to work with you. 

Visualize your value. Using a comparison slider for your website images is a compelling way to display the progress made from working with you. For example, if you're an architect, you can use the comparison slider to show the before-and-after of a renovation you completed.

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