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How to design a great services page for your website

5 May, 2023 · 5 min read·Website design
How to design a great services page for your website
Learn how to design an effective and visually appealing services page for your website with our comprehensive guide, and attract potential clients with ease. Enhance your website's user experience and drive conversions with these helpful tips and tricks.

A website is a necessity for any business that wants to get established online. Your website serves as your digital storefront or office, and it's essential that your website effectively communicates the services that you offer. 

One of the most critical pages on your website for doing this is your services page. A well-crafted page can inform potential customers of what you offer. What’s more, it can convince them to choose you over the competition. 

Scroll below to explore the importance of a services page and tips for designing a user-friendly page that leads to conversions.

Understanding the importance of a website services page

Having a website has become a necessity for businesses of all sizes. However, merely having a website is not enough. You need to have a well-designed website. It must have informative and engaging content. Consequently, this will attract your target audience and entice them to take the desired actions.

One crucial page that every website must have is the services page. This page has the potential to make or break your online presence. Why? This is because it provides users with a clear understanding of what you have to offer. A well-crafted services page can help convert visitors to clients, improving overall sales and revenue.

The page serves as an introduction to what sets you apart from your competitors. It allows you to showcase your expertise and experience. It highlights the value your customers will receive when they work with you. The page should be tailored to your specific target audience and their needs, highlighting how your offerings can resolve their challenges, and provide specific solutions to their problems. By providing a clear overview of your services, you can establish yourself as a thought leader and add credibility to your brand.

Identifying your target audience and their needs

So how do you create an effective services page? First, you need to identify your target audience and their needs. Knowing who you are trying to reach with your services will help you craft messaging and visuals that speak directly to their pain points and desires. It's important to conduct thorough research to understand your customers’ demographics, psychographics, and behavior. This then helps you build a deep understanding of their needs.

Let’s say you have a clear understanding of your target audience. You can then begin determining how your services can meet their needs. This involves crafting messaging that highlights the unique benefits and solutions that your services provide. Clearly communicating these benefits can help differentiate you from the competition and establish trust and credibility with potential clients.

It's also important to consider the decision-making process of your target audience when crafting your page. Are they looking for a quick solution or are they making a larger investment? Understanding their mindset can help you determine the appropriate tone and level of detail to include in your messaging. Additionally, highlight any guarantees, warranties, or testimonials. This can instill confidence in the decision-making process. Plus, this makes it easier for clients to choose your services.

Take the time to thoroughly understand your target audience and their needs. This can go a long way in creating a compelling services page. It will help you connect with potential clients on a deeper level. Plus, it will provide you with valuable insights on how to better position and market your services.

Crafting compelling copy and visuals to showcase your services

Your services page is arguably the most critical page on your website, as it's the page where potential customers or clients can learn about what exactly you offer. So you must showcase your services in a compelling manner. The page must resonate with your target audience's needs. You want to make it as easy as possible for them to understand what you offer and how it can benefit them.

To ensure that your services page resonates with your target audience, it's essential to identify their needs and pain points. Gathering data on their needs and preferences can help you tailor your services to align with their expectations. Your services page should detail how your services can help them, and you should provide transparent pricing, so they know what to expect.

Visual aids like photos, videos, infographics, and charts can help break up blocks of copy and make your page more engaging. People love visuals and feel more inclined to engage with content that's visually stimulating. The visuals you choose should complement the written copy to create a cohesive message that communicates the value of your services.

The copy on your services page should speak to your target audience in a language they understand. Avoid jargon or complex language that may confuse them. Instead, use a conversational tone. It should be easy to follow. Focus on the benefits of your services rather than just listing features. Showcase how your services can solve their problems and help them achieve their goals. By presenting your services in an understandable and relatable language, your potential clients or customers will better understand how your company can meet their needs.

Incorporating social proof and trust signals to build credibility

Social proof and trust signals are crucial elements to consider when building your services page. There are many online scams and fraudulent sites today. That’s why visitors are looking for proof that your business is legitimate and trustworthy. 

Customer reviews and testimonials

Examples of social proof include customer reviews and testimonials. These can significantly impact a prospect's decision to use your services. These social proofs can be displayed in various forms, such as text, images, or videos, and can be included on your services page for maximum impact.


Another way to build credibility is to showcase any awards or certifications your business has received. For instance, if you've been recognized as the top-rated accounting firm by a reputable publication, be sure to display that prominently on your services page. This is an excellent way to let prospects know that your business is proficient at delivering quality services.

Photos and videos

Including photos or videos of your happy clients or team members is another great way to build trust. Showcase the faces behind your business. This way, visitors can get a better sense of the people they'll be working with and form a connection with them. This creates a human touch to your services page, making it more relatable and authentic.

Contact details

It’s also essential to provide easily accessible contact information on your services page. Include your email, phone number, and social media links. Having this information helps visitors reach out to you quickly and easily. This is helpful if they have any questions or need assistance. It can also increase their trust in your business. And this can ultimately lead to an increase in conversions.

Optimizing your services page for SEO with keyword research and on-page optimization

You must optimize your services page for search engine optimization or SEO. This is crucial in increasing the visibility of your website and your services to your target audience. By ranking higher in search engine results pages, your services can generate more leads and ultimately drive growth for your business.

One of the key components of optimizing your services page for SEO is thorough keyword research. By identifying the keywords and phrases that your target audience is searching for, you can strategically incorporate them into your web page’s copy and metadata. This helps search engines understand what your services are and what they offer, allowing them to serve your page to users searching for your services.

On-page optimization is another important aspect of SEO for your services page. This includes optimizing your webpage’s URL, headers, and other page elements to align with your target keywords. Don’t forget to make your webpage mobile-friendly and optimized for speed. This can also impact your SEO performance.

Properly optimizing for SEO is an ongoing process. It’s important to regularly analyze your webpage’s performance, improve its on-page elements, and update its content to maintain or improve its rankings in search engine results pages. Doing so helps you ensure that your services are continuously visible and accessible to your target audience. This then drives growth and success for your business.

Best practices for designing a user-friendly and conversion-oriented services page

At the core of any great services page lies a user-friendly design that promotes conversions. The page layout should be easy to navigate, with clear calls to action (CTAs) that guide visitors towards desired actions like filling out a contact form or booking a consultation. As such, website owners must prioritize designing a service page that speaks to visitors and positively influences their perception of the brand.

Make the page navigable and consistent

One effective way of doing this is by keeping the page clean and streamlined, using clear and concise language, and avoiding any jargon. The navigational menu should also be intuitive, with critical information like contact details and social media handles placed in easy-to-find locations. Similarly, consider the page's design elements, such as fonts, colors, and imagery. They should be consistent with the brand's overall aesthetics and in line with the page's objective.

Consider CTAs and A/B testing

The placement of CTAs is also crucial. For maximum effect, they should not only stand out visually but also be placed strategically in areas where the user's focus is maximum. For instance, they could appear at the end of a section where a service's features and benefits are highlighted. An excellent way to know whether a page design performs optimally is through A/B testing, a process where two or more variants of a web page are tested to determine which one works best.

Optimize for mobile

Finally, designing for mobile devices is non-negotiable. Not only must website owners prioritize making their website responsive, but they also need to simplify their services page design to cater to mobile users' needs. This means taking into account factors such as load times, screen size, and user behavior when designing the page's layout and user experience. With these design considerations, it's possible to create a user-friendly and conversion-oriented services page that is optimized for maximum impact.

Create a professional site with compelling pages

An effective services page does wonders in attracting and retaining clients. That’s why it’s vital that you implement the tips we’ve listed. 

Creating a compelling services page can take time and effort, which is why it's often worth it to collaborate with experts. With B12, you can launch a beautiful, professional website in 30 days or less, getting help from our help of web design, copywriting, and SEO experts. We offer numerous AI-powered themes and layouts that can best suit your needs. You can leverage built-in tools, make DIY changes, or our team of web designers and copywriting experts can assist you in making an excellent services page that attracts leads and drives visibility. Get started now for free.  

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