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How much do high-quality attorney websites cost?

15 December, 2020 · 10 min read·Website design
How much do high-quality attorney websites cost?
In this post, we'll unpack what you can expect to pay for your company's online transition.

Whether you're a family office or a corporate firm, your legal business needs an online presence. In the dawn of the digital age, commerce is moving online, and so are services. If someone needs legal advice in your area, the internet is the first place they start looking for a firm.

You have a few options available when building your website, and each of them offers a different end-product.

How much are attorney websites? That's a challenging question to answer. A website is a customized solution tailored to your needs, promoting your service offering. The price tag on that can vary wildly, depending on your requirements.

In this post, we'll unpack what you can expect to pay for your company's online transition.

Do I Need to Work with Professionals?

As a legal professional, your time is your most valuable asset, and it's what you trade for income. Sure, you have options like Wix and Squarespace that let you set up a free website. The drag-and-drop web-builders included with these platforms make designing your site a breeze.

However, free web-builder have limitations, and it's challenging to integrate them with some plug-ins and software tools. However, the biggest issue with using a web-builder platform for your attorney website design is the project's time.

Building a site from scratch using these tools could take hours – and that's shortchanging your billing. Most attorneys realize the importance of a website.

However, they also don't have any coding skills or the time to build it themselves. Therefore, most firms turn to professional web design services to help them with the project.

What Can I Expect to Pay for a Professionally Designed Website?

Law firms rely on design professionals to take care of building their company website. This strategy makes sense. After all, if the design guys wanted legal advice, they would go to the library to learn how to defend themselves – they come to an attorney like you for legal advice.

When you're working with a professional service, you expect to receive a top-quality product.

The reality is, design services can be up and down with the results they produce. Some firms offer excellent end-products, while others are terrible.

Either way, you can expect to pay a bundle for your new website.

Depending on the functionality, you could spend up to $8,000 on the design costs of building your website. While a website might be necessary for your business, few firms have that kind of capital lying around.

What are the Costs Involved with Building an Attorney Website?

So, what can you expect to receive for your $8,000? A fully-functional, turn-key website comes with the following design features and functions built into the platform.

Design Components


Templates form the theme of your site design. Platforms like WordPress offer you a beautiful collection of free and paid templates. The paid templates are the best choice for your attorney website and could cost between $59 to $139, depending on the option.


Designing a site is easy if you're using a web-builder program like WIX. However, these programs offer you little in the way of building advanced features into your site – such as appointment scheduling. To achieve that, you'll need to hire a design professional that understands how to code those changes into your site.


During the design process, your team provides you with several drafts until you land on a site design you like. After settling on the design components and flow, the team builds the site, sending you a few drafts for approval along the way.

Number of Pages

The more pages you have on your site, the more work involved in the build, and the higher the project costs.


CRM – A CRM system integrates with your site design, allowing you to manage your client list, keeping all your client notes in one place for easy access. You also get easy onboarding of new clients.

Navigation – Your site design needs user-friendly navigation. If your client lands on your site looking for your email or phone number, they need to find it in one click, or they'll bounce from the site.


Your on-page website SEO strategy needs to eliminate duplicate pages, broken links, and other issues slowing down your site. Add keywords to your service listings, and make your site visible to the search bots.

You'll also need to keep your design team on-hand to help you run a site assessment every few months. Your SEO strategy also enables you to understand your traffic sources, allowing you to see what's working with your marketing strategy and where you need to improve.

Digital Marketing

Sales Funnels

All functional websites need legal marketing tools to help them get more reach and capture leads. Tools like opt-in strategies and lead magnets help you grow your list. Send your leads to a sales funnel designed to convert your prospects into clients.

Email Marketing Tools

Email campaigns are the gold standard for online marketing. These campaigns help you present a value offer to your potential clients, giving you a chance to convert the new business on your list.


You need contact with your design team during the process.

Tech Integrations

Your site needs full functionality if you want to keep your visitors' attention and convert them into customers.

  • Contact forms help you take down prospects' details and build your email list.
  • Live chat support on your site gets your clients the answers they need right away.
  • Appointment schedules help you automate your scheduling tasks.
  • Clickable CTAs (Call-to-Action) buttons and a clickable phone number for mobile devices.

Integrating tech functions into your site requires coding experience to build them out. The price of your site depends on the integrations and work involved with coding them into the design.

Client Payment Portals

Are you going to accept payments online? If so, you're going to need to install eCommerce functionality for clients to pay for consultations and other services upfront.

Credit and debit card portals are the most common payment methods used online. However, you might also want to include options from e-wallet payments, like PayPal.

Content Strategy

Before publishing your site, you're going to need to populate it with content for the following pages.

  • Homepage
  • About Us
  • Attorney Bios
  • Practice Areas
  • Service Pages (Contact Us)
  • Blog Content

Your content strategy needs a purpose-driven approach. Therefore, you'll need to insert keywords in all the content on your site, including your bios and service offerings.

Building content requires hiring a writer to express your offering in a way that appeals to prospects viewing your site and the search bots.

How Long Does It Take to Build an Attorney Website?

Along with the astronomical costs of hiring a professional web design service, you must wait around 6 to 8-weeks to see the final product. There will be plenty of back-and-forth with the designer as you iron out the details.

Can B12 Offer You an Affordable Alternative?

Eventually, after spending a lot of time and money, you'll end up with a fully functional website. It's worth the frustration, but the project isn't over. Someone's going to have to help you manage your site. As an attorney, you have no coding skills, and your website needs updating.

Your design team will have to manage your site in the background. It's going to cost you a monthly maintenance fee that adds to your business overhead.

What if there was an affordable alternative?

B12 offers you a professional web design and management service at a fraction of hiring a traditional design team for your website development.

B12 uses its unique AI-driven platform to create outstanding, custom website designs at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional design service. You get a fully functional site, complete with SEO and marketing tools, for an affordable monthly fee.

What Is B12?

B12 is the next-generation in website design and management. This company brings you an end-to-end website solution for your law firm. B12 uses the power of AI to complete repetitive coding tasks when building your site.

The result is a beautiful site design in half the time of other professional design services. You'll have a fully-functional site, ready for launch, in one to two weeks.

When signing up with B12, the platform takes you through a brief questionnaire regarding your need for website design and services. After completing the preliminary quiz, the B12 AI comes up with a draft proposal for your site in a few minutes.

If you approve of the draft and want to continue with your site design, choose a subscription, and B12 gets to work building your site. The AI collaborates with a real design team to create your site, issuing you a final proof for approval.

Add personalized touches throughout your site design. The team at B12 works with you to meet your expectations. After settling on your final design standard, your website is ready for launch within 2-weeks.

How Can B12 Benefit Your Attorney Website Design?

With B12, there's less waiting around. You receive a fully-functional web platform for your business in half the time of hiring a traditional design team. The AI-driven design process gets a human touch, thanks to the input from the B12 design team. With B12, you leverage the best of technology and human creativity to build your site – fast.

B12 produces beautiful, functional attorney websites. The company realizes you need assistance with managing your site; they take their service-level offering a step further with its reporting features.

You get monthly reports showing notable metrics and insights on your site. Take action on recommendations to optimize or improve the platform's functions. Approve recommended fixes with one-click, and the B12 design team completes the fixes and updates.

How much does B12 cost?

DIY – Launch Your Law Firms Web Presence

  • $24 per month billed annually
  • $29 billed monthly

This package requires you to build the site yourself, which isn't optimal for attorneys.

SEO – Increase Site Traffic, SERP, and Search Ranking

  • $85 per month billed annually
  • $99 billed monthly

Plus, a one-time setup fee depending on your copywriting and design needs.

SEO Pro – Enhance Your SEO Strategy with Custom Content

  • $249 per month billed annually
  • $299 billed monthly

Plus, a one-time setup fee depending on your copywriting and design needs.

Email marketing – Get More Clients with Automated Email Campaigns

  • $42 per month billed annually
  • $50 billed monthly

With this add-on from B12, you get custom email campaigns built by the B12 AI. Create custom emails using the collection of email templates for lawyer websites. B12 offers you expert help and support with designing and launching your email campaigns for the best results.

What Do I Get with My B12 Subscription?

  • AI-built website design draft
  • Site design optimized for mobile
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage
  • Custom domain
  • Bookings
  • Contact manager
  • Monthly metrics report
  • Email and chat support
  • Phone support (SEO and SEO Pro Only)
  • Third-party integrations (SEO and SEO Pro Only)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO and SEO Pro Only)Monthly blog post for SEO (SEO Pro Only)

B12 offers you a turn-key legal website design solution for your law firm. You'll save thousands of dollars, and hours of frustration, by teaming up with B12 to build your site.

Reach out today and get a free draft of your new law firm website from B12.

B12 – AI-Assisted Design for Your Attorney Website

Why pay more for a professional design service? With B12's AI-driven tech, you get an optimized and functional platform with beautiful design, SEO, and marketing tools. B12 has your site ready for launch in a few weeks; instead of a few months with other design firms.

Best of all, you'll pay half of what you would with a professional design service, with no drop in quality. B12s monthly reports and site management ensures your website gets its updates and patches. Your traffic receives a fast-loading site and a user-friendly experience.

With B12, you leverage the power of AI with the creative genius of real design professionals. B12 brings you the best High-quality website design possible.

Try it for yourself, visit B12 today, and request a free AI-designed draft of your new law firm website design.

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