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Is Scorpion Marketing effective for small businesses?

13 February, 2023 · 4 min read·Traffic generation
Is Scorpion Marketing effective for small businesses?
Learn more about Scorpion Marketing's features, pricing, and pros and cons for small and growing businesses.

Today, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of platforms selling marketing services to small businesses. Some focus on a single service, like website design, while others try to capture everything under a single umbrella. Scorpion Marketing falls into the latter category.

Scorpion is a marketing agency with broad offerings, including building custom websites and offering marketing packages for small local businesses. But that "custom" model often adds substantial costs to each project and, as reviewers note, may not always deliver the promised ROI.

If you are looking for website design, content marketing, or other creative solutions, you'll want to read our review of the Scorpion Marketing model. 

What is Scorpion Marketing?

Scorpion Marketing is a marketing and technology company that provides an expansive list of services, including SEO, website design, social media, content, and lead management, just to name a few. 

All of their services come together in a single dashboard, which they promise helps small businesses pull real insights from their marketing efforts. 

In 2022, Scorpion acquired, which now goes by the name Scorpion Ranking. This system is designed to pull 40,000 data points together and translate that information into actionable marketing suggestions unique to each small business.

Scorpion's team is a US-based company headquartered in Utah, but now with offices in Valencia, California, and Dallas, Texas. 

What features does Scorpion Marketing include?

Name a marketing task, and chances are Scorpion Marketing offers it. Whether it's social media, online advertising, creative projects like website design, or brand strategy, they cover just about any possible project you'd want to tackle.

Yet, despite the exhaustive service menu on the Scorpion website, there is little information about what each of these entails for your business. The vast majority of each service page is full of fluff questions like, "What is web design?" and doesn't offer any insight into the Scorpion deliverables.

What's more frustrating is that there is no concise portfolio of previous projects, nor do they provide any prices online. So, it's a bit frustrating to provide any real context for their services. Essentially what you see below is all that's available on Scorpion's own website.


Scorpion builds SEO-friendly custom websites that include the tools you'll need to connect to your audience. As with most custom website agencies, the process is expensive and requires a lot of back and forth to achieve the final product. 


Scorpion's pride and joy is their advertising platform that pulls in data from multiple sources and uses AI technology to analyze the information for actionable insights. It's unclear exactly what sources this platform works with, although presumably, it would be SEO intel and website at the bare minimum. 

Social media

Scorpion can manage your Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and blogging communities. Depending on each business's needs, they create a custom management plan to produce, schedule, and engage on the platforms that matter to your audience.

Content marketing

Whether it's a video or a blog post, Scorpion can take charge of your content marketing strategy and execute the production. Content is optimized for search engines, consistent, and custom created for each unique customer.

Email marketing

Built within the Scorpion Marketing platform is an email marketing component, which facilitates invoices, newsletters, and campaign management. In addition, their system has built-in automation to reduce workload and contact list management to help with segmentation.

How much does Scorpion Marketing cost?

Nowhere on the Scorpion website do they mention service prices. But, as a custom web design agency, we can assume their prices are likely at the upper end of the spectrum. On Clutch, a business review platform, Scorpion's prices started at $200,000 for a website redesign as well as for a PPC marketing project.

Who is Scorpion Marketing best suited for?

Scorpion advertises that its services are ideal for small, local businesses like lawyers, dentists, home service providers, franchises, and multi-location companies. 

In reality, as a marketing agency that only offers custom packages and website design, they are best suited for larger companies with deep pockets. Let's be honest: Very few small businesses can actually afford a new website if the price tag is $200,000 or more.

What are the pros and cons of Scorpion Marketing?


  1. They offer a comprehensive list of services covering every aspect of marketing, from intelligence gathering to content development to creative tasks.
  2. An all-in-one dashboard connects information across several disparate systems for efficient analysis.


  1. There are no prices listed for any service, but reviewers suggest website design is likely $200,000 or more.
  2. Scorpion Marketing's website is very unclear about the specifics of each service, including what it entails, prices, and deliverables. 
  3. Reviews indicate that the sales team makes exorbitant ROI and lead generation promises, but Scorpion fails to meet these expectations.
  4. The portfolio is difficult to find and even more frustrating to navigate. 

What do reviewers say about Scorpion Marketing?

Reviews are mixed about Scorpion Marketing but are generally evenly divided between five-star and one-star reviews. We find that the best way to sort through any possible fake reviews is to examine the one-star reviews and check for trends. 

The overarching theme among the negative Scorpion Marketing reviews is that they over-promise and under-deliver, especially when it comes to lead generation.

Many reviewers on Clutch and Yelp claim that Scorpion promised exponential new leads but that there was "no ROI whatsoever." Other former customers said, "Was with them for a year, with no results," and "They promise huge ROI but you never see any results. Do not waste your money. I feel extremely taken advantage of with a small business that can not afford to spend 4k a month on this garbage."

This is interesting, considering Scorpion's technology promises to "show you the results you expect from the money you spend," so that you can "stop wasting money on ineffective marketing." But there is a clear trend among the reviewers that Scorpion has oversold the possible returns and that customers feel like they've wasted their money.

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