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BreezeMaxWeb review | Is it the right tool to improve your online presence?

15 May, 2023 ·Traffic generation
BreezeMaxWeb review | Is it the right tool to improve your online presence?
Learn more about the features, benefits, and pros and cons of using BreezeMaxWeb to increase your visibility online.

When you run your own business, you want to make sure you’re partnering with agencies that have shared values, that will elevate your brand. Boosting your online presence is crucial, and a marketing agency’s role is to help your business grow and flourish. 

Choosing the best marketing solution for your brand is an important step along your digital path to success. Researching what different agencies have to offer, and what customers have said about their experiences, can help you nail down your decision.  

Small business owners typically don’t have extra bandwidth to take marketing challenges on themselves, so getting help externally is a valuable leg up. BreezeMaxWeb is an agency option that provides products and services geared towards helping small businesses online.

Let’s find out if what they have to offer can truly be helpful to your business.

What is BreezeMaxWeb?

BreezeMaxWeb is a digital marketing agency that helps businesses of various sizes grow their online presence. Their goal is to provide more visibility, site traffic, and sales to a business through an increased online presence. 

The agency specializes in increasing a website's search engine exposure through search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and social media management. BreezeMaxWeb also claims to offer tailored solutions with a diverse, client-centric collection of marketing tools and services. 

What features does BreezeMaxWeb include?

BreezeMaxWeb has a list of digital marketing and search engine optimization services they offer. Their online marketing products and services include website traffic and leads, mobile and conversions, branding and video, social and reputation, ecommerce and websites, IT and network solutions, and reporting and analytics.

Digital marketing and SEO services:

Traffic and leads:

Increasing a website's search engine exposure through a mix of paid and organic optimizations, to bring in more site traffic.

Attract. Win. Serve.

Mobile and conversions:

Provides mobile site, mobile ad campaign, mobile optimization, and mobile conversions.

Branding and video:

Targets via demographics, keywords, and more.

Social and reputation:

Their social media management and optimization services aim to help a business gain followers and strengthen relationships with existing clients for a reputable online presence.

Ecommerce and websites:

Web designers work to produce an attractive and functional ecommerce website.

IT and network solutions:

Offers automated maintenance and schedule updates, and automatically scales cloud capacity depending on business requirements

Reporting and analytics:

Gains detailed insights on website visitors and differentiates between paid, organic, referral, and direct traffic

How much does BreezeMaxWeb cost?

Locating their pricing is no easy feat, as it is not listed in any of their immediate menu or sub-menu options. In looking at their FAQ section, they claim to work around each individual business’s budget. This is, however, a very general claim and doesn’t give details of what to expect from their products and services. 

In their FAQ section, they explain that a discussion with their experts can lead you in the right direction. Once this communication has taken place, business objectives will then be outlined, and which marketing campaign to pursue will be put into motion, based on budget.  

They claim that their fees are minimal, and that an experienced account manager will help you along your journey. Without any sense of what this actually means, it’s hard to know if this will be a cost-effective choice in reality for your business. 

There is also a section at the very bottom describing how much BreezeTact costs (without explaining what exactly BreezeTact is.) Without a Search option on their website, it’s difficult to look up and find what you need on the spot. 

BreezeTact comes in two different plans:

Basic Plan:

  • Free with a limited version of the plug-in

Premium Plan:

  • $399 for the full version of the plug-in

Who is BreezeMaxWeb best suited for?

BreezeMaxWeb is a digital marketing agency that helps businesses of various sizes grow their online presence. But can they deliver, and will they meet your expectation?

According to several online reviews, their results often don’t match their promise. There are many unsatisfied customers concerned about their overall efforts, even down to spelling and grammatical errors, which can impede a business’s reputation. Others explain that the company fails to produce the reports they need after far too much time has passed, and have caused a number of roadblocks with their blogs. 

Ultimately it appears the company makes guarantees but takes minimal accountability and doesn’t have nearly enough follow-through. This is a concern for a small business owner who needs full trust in their marketing agency. 

Fortunately, B12 can be trusted to save the day. We’ll provide you with the website you deserve, fully equipped with top-of-the-line designs, bespoke content, unparalleled client engagement, and all the tracking necessary. You won’t need to track us down to get the results you want. B12 will help your business rise above competitors and stay on task the whole way through.

What are the pros and cons of using BreezeMaxWeb?


  • Personable sales representatives 
  • Can help create a dynamic website for a business 
  • Able to increase clicks and conversions


  • Creative services does not deliver to client standards 
  • Reporting takes too long 
  • SEO costs are too high when results fall flat

Does BreezeMaxWeb offer technical support?

When it comes to support options, the agency has a few ways you can theoretically get in touch with them. You’ll need to click on their Contact Us button at the top right corner of their website. This will provide you with an online contact form to fill out, as well as a phone number to reach them, and an e-mail address. There is no indication of their operating hours, so it’s unclear how long it will take to get a response.

More than one BreezeMaxWeb review expressed dissatisfaction with the communication they’ve been receiving while working with the agency. It appears to depend on which representative you get in touch with or are working with. Some appear to be on the ball, while others aren't. Inconsistencies like this are not taken well by customers.

There is also a Press tab that includes a blog, a news section, and a community section. These pages can be somewhat helpful when trying to find more information, but they aren’t a substitute for technical support, as they can’t give you a quick or personalized response to your circumstantial questions. 

B12’s website, on the other hand, has clear access to whatever it is you need. We have an entire section titled Helpful Information and Tools, which has quick and clear access to resources, guides, business tools, and support links. We also have a section devoted to our blog, information about our company, and career opportunities. 

B12 is known for providing an incredible customer service experience, with many convenient options to either speak to a live person over the phone, via e-mail, or by chat. You can also consult our Support Center

What are some BreezeMaxWeb alternatives for small businesses?

The BreezeMaxWeb website is rather difficult to navigate, creating an unpleasant UX right out of the gate. Their font color choices are far too light against their background, making it very hard to even read about their products and services. Being able to quickly and effectively find the information you need on a website will undoubtedly determine your next steps.

Their drop-down menus are similarly not easy to read or work with. Issues like this are not insignificant or to be taken lightly, as this is enough to quickly drive away potential customers. If it’s a headache to read an agency’s offerings, this will affect willingness to move forward. 

Locating their pricing, as previously described, is also a challenge, as it is not listed in any of their immediate menu or sub-menu options. Digging deep into their FAQ, they claim to work around each individual business’s budget, but that’s a vague claim and doesn’t give any sense of a ballpark cost for their products and services. This feels a bit like entering a dark hallway with an unknown guide. How do you build immediate trust without transparency?

Although some of their services may come in handy, it’s not reassuring to have an unclear starting point. Fortunately, if BreezeMaxWeb isn’t your comfort zone as a small business owner, there are alternatives out there. B12 gives you the information you need and it's easy to find. 

By combining our top-tier designers, SEO specialists, copywriters. and built-in tools, we’ve built the perfect solution to help you win prospects and drive high-quality traffic to your professional website. An improved online presence means more business for you without extra effort or time from you. 

BreezeMaxWeb review summary

Should you choose BreezeMaxWeb as your marketing agency? Upon researching, it would seem there are many dissatisfied customers out there. Without a strong reputation for providing quality services and products, in addition to a website that is riddled with problems, there isn’t a lot of positive sway. 

If BreezeMaxWeb isn't for you, there is another option at your fingertips. With professionally-led services and the efficiency of AI, B12 delivers streamlines and simplifies managing your online presence. We help you create a mobile-friendly, well-optimized website complete with integrations, client engagement, traffic reporting, and automation. Get ready for a user-friendly web builder that enables you to drive results. Try B12 out today.

BreezeMaxWeb FAQs

Is BreezeMaxWeb a Canadian digital marketing agency?

BreezeMaxWeb is a Google Premier Partner that is based in Canada, and serves Canadian businesses. Nationwide businesses, as well as local businesses, may use their services.

Does BreezeMaxWeb provide search engine marketing services and Google Ads services? 

The company helps to manage a business’s marketing ads and campaigns, including Google ads.

Where is the company headquartered?

BreezeMaxWeb is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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