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Life insurance, while unpleasant for some to think about, is a necessary part of life that provides protection against uncertainty.

The process of choosing a life insurance provider can be daunting and confusing, which is why it’s so crucial that life insurance agents have a credible site that puts visitors at ease and carefully guides them through a sensitive process.

As a life insurance agent, your site should make it easy for visitors to understand your specific services, credentials, and the steps they’ll take to find the right life insurance policy for them. A professional, efficient website will provide a smooth client experience while also helping you generate more leads and sell more insurance policies with less effort.

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Term life insurance, whole life insurance, universal life insurance.

Whatever your insurance agency specializes in, make sure it’s easy for website visitors to learn more about getting the policy they need. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by having individual web pages for each insurance category, policy, and service you sell, with a CTA button or next steps to get additional information.

Optimizing your life insurance site for both search engines and potential customers allows you to expand your reach and generate more traffic based on what your target audience needs. Adding conversion best practices like exit intent pop-ups and opt-in forms increases your chances of gaining clients and generating revenue.

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Ingredients of great life insurance web design

What every tax lawyer website needs

Cohesive design and branding

Every page should flow and feel on-brand, as not to disrupt the visitor experience and distract from your insurance expertise. Be intentional about the images, layout, and design elements you use — all it works together to create a positive first impression and keep visitors on your site.

SEO and organic growth tactics

Optimizing your website for search engines and listings on relevant online insurance directories can help you drive more traffic, specifically qualified traffic that’s more likely to become clients. Investing a bit more in keyword research and content marketing can be a huge sales booster for your insurance firm.

Tools that convert visitors

With 16% of consumers admitting that they don’t have a life insurance policy but need one, website visitors are ripe for conversion — they just need a little push. Educational website content about the importance of life insurance, backed by conversion tactics like live chat, discount pop-ups, lead forms, banner ads, and dedicated landing pages for each of your insurance products can help you more easily win new business.

Convenient client features

A user-friendly online experience that allows prospects and clients to schedule appointments, pay you, and submit important documents helps you engage your contacts and increase revenue for your firm without wasting time on administrative tasks.

A custom website can attract new life insurance customers

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What do other service providers think of B12’s approach to website design?

Leroy Maxwell Jr.

I would recommend B12 to any company that wants a team to manage and grow their website while they focus on growing the business. With B12, founders can be rest assured that their website is in good hands and, more importantly, prove its value and ROI.

Leroy Maxwell Jr.
Founder of Maxwell Tillman / B12 customer Since 2020

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Brett Packard

What B12 offers in terms of support service and design knowledge is what we were looking for. We finally have a website we’re proud of.

Brett Packard
Head of Operations at TaxStudio / B12 customer Since 2021

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Barbara Bartelsmeyer

We save a lot in monthly costs by switching to B12. We aren’t charged extra for optimization tools anymore. We aren’t overcharged for redesigning, because with B12, making changes are part of your normal day.

Barbara Bartelsmeyer
Partner & COO of Action Logistix / B12 customer Since 2020

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Helping life insurance providers across America build professional websites

B12 has built thousands of customer websites for service businesses, with demonstrated experience in the life insurance market. We know how to create an online presence for small, busy firms that more efficiently engages clients and helps you boost retention. Our team of designers, copywriters, and SEO specialists take the lead on your new website while soliciting your feedback and ideas along the way. If you’d like to be more hands-on, our easy website editor allows you to manage your content, images, design, and business tools anytime.

The B12 platform was built specifically for professional service firms, and our experts have created hundreds of insurance agency websites that showcase a company's unique value proposition and equip it with all of the tools needed to encourage website leads to become clients.

B12’s commitment to helping our customers thrive online has earned us hundreds of positive reviews and 4+ stars on all of the top review websites, including

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Frequently asked questions from
life insurance firms

The right tools for your firm depend on your goals, but generally, these are impactful for insurance companies:

  • Google Analytics for learning more about your traffic and website performance allows you to create a better SEO and marketing strategy
  • A live chat tool like Drift to connect with visitors and gain insights into what they're looking for
  • A contact manager like the one built into B21 websites to store lead information, client activity, and manage your entire pipeline to sell more insurance policies

Create content that’s specific to your expertise and every insurance product you sell. Life insurance comes with a lot of terms that are unfamiliar to most people. Offer visitors some free resources that help them understand the ins and outs of life insurance, including beneficiaries, extended term insurance, premiums, or universal life insurance.

Offering eSignatures rather than requiring in-person signatures will speed up your contract signing process and earn goodwill with clients, who appreciate a convenient online experience.

Two main ways: SEO and a better client experience. By doing keyword research and finding natural ways to rank higher on search engines, you'll get found by more potential customers and increase your website traffic. A great website with lead magnet capabilities will capitalize on your traffic, and creating a client-focused experience through tools like online payments, eSignatures, and online scheduling will help you sell more life insurance policies and retain clients.

No, in contrast to platforms such as Wix or WordPress, B12 websites are initially designed by AI and then uniquely tailored to your business by professional designers. The result is a custom site that highlights your value and is specific to your firm rather than the same generic design you see over and over.

We have built hundreds of websites for insurance agencies across life insurance, health insurance, business insurance, and more. B12 is a great fit for small to mid-size agencies, as they have built-in tools to help you grow and your site evolves with you along the way. Find inspiration and examples of insurance websites in our website gallery.

The best website layout depends on your firm’s service offerings and what you're trying to achieve online, but no matter what, it should look modern and allow visitors to efficiently find what they’re looking for.

When you work with B12 on an insurance agency website, our designers develop your site based on your specific business goals, design preferences, and client needs. We follow insurance agency best practices, with high security and usability standards that support a frictionless client experience.


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