New: Free AI-built websites with scheduling, payments, and intake

See your website in 60 seconds and launch it the same day with the tools your service business needs to attract, win, and serve clients online.

7 March, 2023· 1 min read

B12 is excited to share a new way we’re supporting the professional services community: free websites!

It’s hard enough to be an entrepreneur, and we want to make it easier. Whether you're getting a small business or side hustle off the ground, clients expect to find you online, learn all about your services and details, and work with you virtually. We’re releasing several tools for free today that we hope can help more small businesses, solopreneurs, and creatives attract, win, and serve clients quickly and seamlessly.

With these tools, you can see your AI-built website in 60 seconds, launch it in an hour, and have all the functionality you need to sell your services online, including intake forms, scheduling, and payments. Best of all, it’s free, with no strings attached.

A B12 website is fully scalable. You can launch a free site and use it forever, or evolve to a site like The Rainbow Disruption’s — a new consulting business by Jarvis Sam, Nike’s former director of diversity, equity, and inclusion. His beautiful custom website was designed, written, and launched in only 2.5 weeks, and converted several new clients the first month it was live.

What’s included in the free version of B12?

When you launch an online presence with B12 for free, you get:

  • A website that emphasizes your offerings
  • Client intake forms
  • Online scheduling
  • Invoicing and online payments, including invoice templates

For free and in seconds, B12’s AI builds you a sleek, service-forward website. It prominently displays your offerings and emphasizes next steps, like calls to action to submit a form or schedule a consultation. Play around with different color palette, font, and theme options to achieve your desired look, then set your scheduling availability and confirm your service details. 

Your site is automatically set up to guide a visitor along the onboarding process toward purchasing and paying for your services. Scheduling and intake pages are automatically generated, which you can tweak as needed. Answer a few questions about your business, pick some design preferences, make any edits, confirm your services, and see your new site, complete with built-in online scheduling and invoicing. 

Once you’re ready, publish your site and you’ll have a URL to send prospects and clients that lets them learn about your services, submit a form, schedule a consultation, and pay directly on your site. Activate it yourself for free with no delays. 

How are we able to make these tools free? 

With AI, we've automated a lot of the website setup process to the point where you can get far with only our free software. B12 makes money if you want to connect a custom domain, use our email marketing tools, send contracts, or invite other members of your team. If you decide you want help from our designers and copywriting experts, we have packages where we'll do it all for you. We're here if you need us, but if all you need is our free tools, we'll be happy with your success!

Benefits of free B12 websites

✅ It’s free!

✅ No delays or procrastination. It only takes an hour to publish your new online presence. Low-touch, DIY, with nothing and no one to slow you down. Follow the launch checklist to ensure you don’t miss a step.

✅ No commitments. It’s a risk-free way to learn what works for your business.

✅ Showcase expertise. Add pages for your services, testimonials, or blog. 

✅ Scalable. There’s room to grow and on-hand support as you do.

✅ Help is available. We have on-platform resources and experts if you need guidance or collaboration. 

Start selling services online today

B12 wants everyone to monetize their expertise by launching a service business, and a professional website makes all the difference in your first impression to leads and clients. With B12, the sky’s the limit! You can sign up in 60 seconds and evolve your online presence over time.

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