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Roam Around (Formerly Where To) - Your Personal Travel Planner
Roam Around (Formerly Where To) - Your Personal Travel Planner




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Roam Around solves most traveler’s woes of creating the perfect travel itinerary. With this AI personal travel assistant, you can instantly get your own travel plan with just a click of a button. Perfect for those who don’t want the hassle that comes with researching countless travel sites just to come up with the perfect travel plan, Roam Around gives a well-structured itinerary every time. 


  • Highlights popular travel destinations
  • Itinerary is downloadable as PDFs
  • Ability to save trips
  • Built-in map so you can see the destinations included in the itinerary
  • Gives you directions and the ability to book activities in the itinerary
  • Provides basic information on your location, the weather, average price, and languages spoken in the area
  • Easy to modify or regenerate
  • Includes tips and things to do and try at every destination


  1. What is Roam Around?

Roam Around is an AI travel assistant that crafts custom itineraries depending on a user’s preferred travel destination and travel dates. It gives users the basic information of all they need to know when planning a trip somewhere, whether it’s in another city or another country. Aside from the itinerary, Roam Around will give you basic info, such as what a location is known for, the weather, the currency and average prices, and the languages spoken. This gives travelers a good overview of the factors they need to consider when planning their trip in a given location.

  1. Is Roam Around free?

Yes! Roam Around is completely free. This AI personal travel guide gives you the lowdown on your preferred travel destination and the itinerary for your travel dates at no cost. Users only need to sign up so they can enjoy Roam Around’s features. 

  1. How does Roam Around work?

How Roam Around works is straightforward. It produces a personalized itinerary for users based on their travel destination and travel dates. With the click of a button, users receive a travel plan customized according to when and where they’re traveling.

  1. What are the benefits of using Roam Around?

A significant benefit of using Roam Around is that it’s highly convenient. Since the itinerary is created within seconds, Roam Around is perfect for travelers who may not have the time to research the top spots to visit and top activities to experience in a given location. Roam Around also boasts a user-friendly interface, making it easy to use for travelers. 

  1. How can I create a trip with Roam Around?

Create your trip by choosing your destination and estimated travel dates. Roam Around then generates an easy-to-follow itinerary based on these. 

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