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Riffusion - Music Generator for Instant Next-Level Sounds
Riffusion - Music Generator for Instant Next-Level Sounds




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Riffusion is an AI tool that explores what it would be like to use artificial intelligence to produce music. This neural network was created by developer Seth Forsgren and roboticist Hayk Martiros. They fine-tuned Stable Diffusion, a deep learning model, and the result was Riffusion. This tool produces cool tunes based on users’ text prompts. Through this innovative AI tool, musicians and non-musicians alike can experiment within the world of sound. 


  • Can generate sounds for various music styles
  • Has filters for experimenting with the results, such as seed image and denoising
  • Generated music is easily shared to social media platforms
  • Randomizer that acts as a springboard for music ideas
  • Intuitive to use 


How does Riffusion work?

Riffusion works by taking users’ inputs (text-based prompts) and turning them into spectrograms. Spectrograms are visual representations of sound. The tool, in turn, converts these visual data into audio, which users can then listen to and refine to their liking. 

What are the limitations of Riffusion AI?

Like any other AI tool, Riffusion will have its limitations. Because it was only introduced in December 2022, the music generator is still very new. The outputs that it generates can be highly unpredictable and may not always match users’ expectations based on the prompts they use. 

How does Riffusion AI compare to other AI music generators?

For one, Riffusion AI is open source, and its creators welcome others to try and build on what they’ve worked on (with proper citation). Another perk of Riffusion AI is that it’s easy to use. Unlike other AI music generators, you wouldn’t need to sign up just so you can use the tool itself. 

What are the different ways to use Riffusion AI?

There are numerous ways that musicians and non-artists alike can use Riffusion AI. First, they can use the tool as a springboard of ideas and jumpstart their creativity. More than that, users can leverage Riffusion and use the output for their projects. They can tweak it and add their own flavor to the output to make it their own. Furthermore, with Riffusion, users can experiment with various music styles and explore which one would fit their next project. 

How can I get started with Riffusion AI?

To get started with Riffusion, the first thing you need to do is visit its website. Look for the text box near the bottom of the page and enter your prompt. After inputting it, you can jump to your prompt and listen to the output. Don’t be afraid to play around with the tool and come up with new sounds.

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