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Public Prompts - Get Inspired by This Collection of AI Prompts
Public Prompts - Get Inspired by This Collection of AI Prompts




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When it comes to AI tools, user prompts or text descriptions are necessary to produce high-quality output. However, it can sometimes be challenging to come up with the perfect prompt that helps users generate the content that they want. Enter Public Prompts. This collection of free, high-quality prompts ensures that users won’t have to get stuck in their AI generation processes. They can simply pick from the collection of prompts available to help them generate the output that best matches their tastes. 


  • Free collection
  • Easy-to-copy prompts
  • Wide array of art styles to choose from
  • Shows the suggested CFD scale and sampler DDIM


  1. What is Public Prompts?

Public Prompts is a collection of AI prompts that users can browse and use depending on the specific image that they’re looking to generate with AI image generators. Developed by an AI enthusiast in Lebanon, Public Prompts’ goal is to support the work that Stability AI and CompVis have started on. 

  1. How does Public Prompts work?

Public Prompts works by featuring a collection of free, quality prompts that users can select and utilize for various AI image generation use cases. The prompts library is categorized according to different art styles, ranging from comic art to hyper-realistic anime portraits and more. 

  1. What are the benefits of using Public Prompts?

With Public Prompts, users can get inspiration for the prompts that they need to feed an AI image generator. Sometimes it can be tough to think of the most ideal prompt that generates a user’s desired results. With Public Prompts, users can simply browse through the collection and pick the prompt that yields results closest to their preferences. 

  1. How can I get started with Public Prompts?

Using Public Prompts is straightforward. Users just need to visit the site and click the “Prompts” tab so they can see the Prompts library. The user can then select an art category. For instance, they may select “Cute Stuffed Animals.” Once they’ve clicked on the category, it will lead them to a page showing the prompt. They can then click the text prompt; Public Prompts will show the keywords that users can modify accordingly. 

  1. Is Public Prompts free to use?

Absolutely! Public Prompts is free to use by the public. Unlike other prompt collections or tools that generate prompts, users can simply go to the website and select the prompt that they like best. No sign-up is required. 

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