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Notion AI - Writing Assistant and AI Automation Tool
Notion AI - Writing Assistant and AI Automation Tool




Writing Assistant
Transform your business with AI

Notion AI is a writing assistant that can help users with several tasks to improve their work performance and confidence in accomplishing writing projects. With its various functionalities, Notion AI enables users to work faster, write better, and brainstorm creative ideas. This AI tool serves as your teammate in automating tedious tasks, whether that’s creating action items, generating summaries, writing takeaways, and more.


  • Can write action items, summaries, and takeaways
  • Intuitive to use
  • Spelling and grammar fixer
  • Translator and explainer
  • Voice and tone editor
  • Cuts sentences short or makes them longer
  • Simpler language
  • Can brainstorm ideas


  1. Is the Notion AI free?

Notion AI is accessible to all everyone and can be leveraged for free by users. This allows them to test out its functions and capabilities and see whether it’s the right tool for their specific needs. Notion offers its AI writing assistant tool as an add-on to any of its paid plans for $8 per member per month when billed annually. For monthly billing, users can get Notion AI for $10 per member per month. 

  1. What is Notion AI used for?

Notion AI serves as a writing assistant that can be used for various applications. As a writing assistant, users can leverage it to create action items, summaries, and takeaways, as well as improve their writing so they can write more confidently.  

  1. How can I access Notion AI?

Users first need to sign up to Notion to access its AI writing assistant. Once signed in, a user can simply prompt the tool using the spacebar, slash commands, or by highlighting text and clicking on Ask AI. Using Notion AI is intuitive to use, regardless of technical skill level. 

  1. What are the benefits of Notion AI?

One of the greatest benefits of using Notion AI is that it allows users to automate various tasks that can free up their time for other, more important tasks. This increases productivity and saves energy. As a writing assistant, Notion AI also helps users improve their writing skills and brainstorm ideas. Users get a wide range of functionalities, such as the ability to edit tone, as well as translate and write in German, Spanish, and other languages.

  1. Does Notion AI use my data?

Notion doesn’t use its users’ data to train its AI models. The only exception is when the user explicitly opts in to a request from Notion that they are willing to share their data.

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