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Munch - for All Your Content Repurposing Needs
Munch - for All Your Content Repurposing Needs




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Repurposing video content can help businesses tailor their content better to a specific audience, potentially resonating with them more successfully. Munch helps users achieve this. As an AI video repurposing tool, Munch enables users to create content that’s engaging and creates an impact on target audiences. This all-in-one video platform features automatic captions, auto editing, publishing, and more. With engaging clips and video content, users can build brand awareness, establish credibility, and position themselves as thought leaders in their industries. 


  • Auto editing
  • Automation generation of captions
  • Post content and publishing 
  • Leverages marketing insights and trends analysis to generate clips most likely to make an impact
  • Extracting contextual nuggets for the most shareable clips
  • Uses GPT, NLP, and OCR
  • Ability to focus on relevant content and action
  • Tailored to specific platforms
  • Multi-language support


  1. What is Munch?

Munch is an AI video repurposing solution that offers a suite of powerful tools so that individuals and businesses can produce high-quality and engaging video clips. Video content is king. With video content that resonates, businesses can experience increased brand awareness, credibility, and audience engagement. 

  1. Is Munch for free?

Munch is available to paid users. For users that want to access its powerful tools, they can subscribe to its paid tiers: Pro ($49 per month), Elite ($116 per month), and Ultimate ($220 per month). With the Pro plan, users can enjoy 200 minutes of uploaded content per month. The Elite plan allows users access to new features first. It offers 500 minutes of uploaded content per month. With the Ultimate plan, users can enjoy 1,000 minutes of uploaded video content. Brands that want more than 1,000 minutes can contact Munch for a custom quote.

  1. What are the features of Munch?

Munch offers a powerful suite of features that enables users to generate high-quality, engaging content. These include being able to extract context from videos to transform it into shareable clips, leveraging social and marketing insights, and tailoring videos for specific social media platforms.

  1. How can I use Munch to repurpose videos?

With Munch, you can use its tools to generate specific posts for social media platforms. This ability allows you to transform your content and tweak it for optimum conditions so that the right audience resonates with it. Munch can add captions, change fonts, apply different colors, and more so that your videos fit the social media platform you’ll be uploading it to. 

  1. Is Munch worth the cost?

Absolutely! Munch is well-worth getting, especially for individuals and businesses that want to scale their video content efforts.

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