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Andi - AI-Powered Search Chatbot That's Ad-Free and Focuses on Privacy
Andi - AI-Powered Search Chatbot That's Ad-Free and Focuses on Privacy




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Andi is a search engine that works as a chatbot, enabling users to leverage it as a search assistant. It integrates real-time data and semantic search, producing results in a conversational way. With the power of AI and language models, Andi can answer your questions about various topics. Aside from this, it can also search for information you need on a given topic as well as summarize and explain those tidbits of information. 


  • Functions as a chatbot
  • Answers questions in a conversational way
  • Can summarize and explain information for you 
  • Provides a search experience that’s personalized for users
  • Pulls up a list of resources that back its answers


What is Andi AI?

Andi AI is a search chatbot that users can leverage for answering questions they may have. In essence, it can be a handy alternative to search engines like Google as well as other popular chatbots such as ChatGPT. 

Is Andi AI free?

AndiSearch is completely free to use. This makes it a convenient tool for students or those on a limited budget. It will give you answers and provide outputs without requiring you to sign up or choose a premium plan. 

How does Andi work?

Andi works just like a search chatbot. Basically, you can use it to search for information and it will provide you the answers in a conversational way. What makes AndiSearch different from other chatbots that utilize the same technology is that it pulls up resources and a list of sites that it used to arrive at its answer. 

How accurate are Andi’s answers?

Andi describes itself as capable of providing accurate information. Because it pulls up data from a wide list of sources, this helps the AI tool provide accurate answers. You can also go to the websites it pulled the data from and fact-check yourself. Over time and as the technology improves, Andi is expected to increase in accuracy. 

Is Andi ad-free and privacy-focused? 

Yes! Andi claims to prioritize users’ privacy, which means that the tool won’t share your data with anyone. It doesn’t store cookies or users’ IP addresses. The tool also doesn’t store your searches; they remain private and anonymous. What’s cooler is that Andi is ad-free. 

What are the benefits of using Andi over traditional search engines? 

A benefit of AndiSearch over traditional search engines is that it can give you a list of the resources it used to come up with its answers. From there, you can easily verify the information and cross-check it for accuracy.

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