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LenderHomePage Review

For mortgage brokers, loan officers, and larger enterprises in the sector, LenderHomePage promises to be your all-in-one platform with industry-specific website templates and a client management app called Loanzify.

But is this platform actually the best option for ambitious professionals in the mortgage industry? With limited creative support and generic content, it's worth exploring other website builders that serve the sector.

We examine what LenderHomePage offers and whether the prices, templates, and DIY tools offer the best solution for busy mortgage specialists trying to stand out online.

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What is LenderHomePage?

LenderHomePage was launched in 2003 by Rocky Foroutan, a former software developer and sales manager. In the company’s early days, Foroutan focused on turnkey websites for mortgage brokers and loan officers.

Recently, LenderHomePage launched Loanzify, which has quickly become their primary focus. This software solution, available as a mobile app and POS, aims to help close more loans faster through automation, calculators, and other client management tools.

What features does LenderHomePage include?

LenderHomePage's services are built to support their main product: Loanzify. Loanzify is a mobile app and a POS system designed to help mortgage brokers speed up the client journey.

Because of their new focus on Loanzify, their web design and marketing work seem less developed. For example, when it comes to the LenderHomePage marketing services, there isn't a ton of information about pricing and features, leaving us feeling like it’s an afterthought.

Mortgage websites

LenderHomePage builds both custom mortgage websites and template-based websites for loan officers. They offer more than 50 templates to start from, many of which cover specific niches, including military and real estate.

Depending on the plan, their websites may include access to a content management system, landing page builder, testimonial engine, and real estate listings. In addition, LenderHomePage has pre-written more than 100 pages of relevant content available for customers to use across their pages.

Mobile app (Loanzify)

All plans come with access to the Loanzify mobile app, which helps loan officers and brokers calculate different mortgage scenarios, manage client relations, exchange secure documents, and even facilitate loan signing. The app includes 13 customizable mortgage calculators to help potential customers better understand their budgets and guide them through the home-buying journey.

Certain LenderHomePage plans allow for the personalization of the app's branding, imagery, and logos. There is also a more extensive Enterprise version that allows for a custom app name in the app store and multi-branch support.

Point-of-sale platform

LenderHomePage's POS platform is a mobile interactive dashboard for loan officers to use when onboarding new clients. It has a milestone tracker, mortgage calculators, client questionnaires, and credit verification.

Although it's not entirely clear from the product page, the Loanzify POS is essentially the same platform as the mobile app.

Marketing tools

LenderHomePage offers local SEO, pay-per-click, social media management, and creative on-demand services. Unfortunately, beyond a very basic description of these services, there is little to no information on what they can include.

How much does LenderHomePage cost?

All LenderHomePage plans are billed annually. Monthly plans are typically $10 to $60 more expensive in comparison, with an additional $199 to $499 onboarding fee.

$97 monthly
Loanzify POS Lite
50+ website templates
100 pre-written content pages
Mortgage calculators
Lead capture forms
Content management
Analytics and traffic statistics
Secure hosting
$139 monthly
All the Essential features plus:
Loanzify POS Pro
Pro website features including local SEO, blog, testimonial engine, property listing, and free domain
25 email accounts
$299 monthly
All the Professional features plus:
3 Loanzify seats (including for the mobile app)
3 Loan officer mini sites
1 staff seat
Unlimited partner/realtors
Compliance engine
$799 monthly
All the Growth features plus:
5 loan officer seats for web, mobile, and POS
Branding consultation
Dedicated success rep
Loanzify mobile app
$19.95 to $29.95 monthly
Branded app
Mortgage calculators
Loan genie
Push notifications
Lead tracking
Marketing services
Most services require a custom quote, including social media management, local SEO, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
SEO services start at $150 per month
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What are the pros and cons of using LenderHomePage?

Template designs are basic but visually appealing enough
Their Loanzify platform has positive reviews across several third-party websites
LenderHomePage doesn't provide enough information about its website services and what each package entails
Their marketing services are poorly represented, with several conflicting pages of information that are hard to navigate. In addition, the services are basic, with vague descriptions about what is included
Their templates are basic and repetitive
LenderHomePage’s content is bland and pre-written. You could be using the same generic content as your direct competitors. This is not good for business, or for SEO

How good are LenderHomePage's pre-built website templates?

Because LenderHomePage is hyperfocused on the mortgage industry, so are their templates. But with that said, there’s quite a bit of design variation within their 50 or so templates. There are classic, illustrated, and other niche options that will likely suit most mortgage businesses.

With that said, the components of the templates are basic and repetitive. Everyone gets access to the same types of pages, stock images, and the same generic pre-written content.

Universal content like this does nothing to differentiate your website or your business from competitors. Considering LenderHomePage only serves the mortgage industry, this could prove problematic. If your competitors take the time to create custom content, they'll immediately stand out.

Does LenderHomePage offer copywriting, design, or technical support?

This is where it starts to get a little hazy. Beyond custom website design work, LenderHomePage's auxiliary services are unclear.


All website packages include access to a database of more than 100 pre-written pages of mortgage content. While this can speed up your website launch, generic content doesn't help with SEO or properly defining your brand. Your customers want to see custom copy that reflects your business and personality, and so does the search algorithm.


LenderHomePage's website templates are a DIY model. You, the customer, make any changes, including to the design. They do have a separate on-demand service that promises to generate branded materials like mailers, print media, flyers, social media, and more. However, these are template based and there’s no customization available.

Technical support

There are several channels for customer support, including email, chat, and phone support. LenderHomePage also offers a specific channel for billing support, which sets it apart from other website builders like Thryv and Zyro, whose customers report ongoing issues with unauthorized charges and difficulty canceling contracts.

What are some LenderHomePage alternatives for small businesses?

The main downside to LenderHomePage's services is that they are completely DIY, with little personality. From the design to the content, there is little to differentiate one mortgage broker from the next.

You want to ensure your name stands out in a highly competitive industry. How do you do this if you don't have the time, budget, or expertise to tackle a full custom build-out? Thankfully, LenderHomePage is only one option among many.

B12 is an effective AI-powered website builder designed for professional service providers, including mortgage brokers. Instead of leaving you to build the website by yourself, our platform pairs AI with human experts in web design, SEO, and copywriting to launch your custom online presence.

Plus, B12 comes with all the tools you need to support your clients throughout their purchasing journey, including eSignatures, payments, online scheduling, and other tools for conversion and retention.

Want to find out more? See what else we can do to elevate your mortgage business today.

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LenderHomePage review summary

LenderHomePage provides mortgage brokers and lenders with DIY website templates, which are sold in combination with their keystone product, the Loanzify app.

In a world of many disappointing website builders, LenderHomePage has received consistently positive reviews about their services. It's basic and offers little to no customization, but the support team is there to answer your questions and address technical issues in a timely way.

But, because this is a totally DIY solution, it still requires a lot of work on your end to get up and running. Even with the provided templates and generic content database, all the SEO, copy, and template tweaking falls on your shoulders. As many mortgage professionals have discovered, they don't have the time, skills, or interest to get this done.

That's where B12 comes into play. Our platform, designed with specialized tools for professional service providers, goes beyond the typical DIY website builder model. You don't have to master the art of SEO, design, or copy all by yourself. We support you throughout the entire process with our in-house team of experts.

B12 gives mortgage brokers and lenders all the features you need to attract, win, and serve clients online without shelling out thousands to a design agency to craft your custom site.

Get started by building your site today for free. Play around with the features and get a feel for our platform with no credit card required.

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