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How to cancel a Weebly account

6 January, 2023 · 3 min read·Website basics
How to cancel a Weebly account

Considering leaving Weebly but don’t know where to start? Canceling your account is actually quite simple. And choosing a different website-building tool could lead to big advantages for your website.

Growing your business is a priority for the vast majority of professionals, and often that growth is linked significantly to your website. After all, how else will most people discover and get to know your brand? A memorable website that skyrockets your business does not have to be a dream. In fact, it can be realized with the right web development service.  

Ready to move on from Weebly? Read on!

How to deactivate your Weebly account in 4 quick steps 

What deactivating your account really means is that you have the option to reactivate it at some point. Ultimately, this decision doesn’t close the door on Weebly, but instead closes a window.

In following these steps to deactivate your account, you will be canceling any of your paid services and taking your published websites offline. Sound like the right move for the time being? Here’s all you’ll need to do with your account: 

Step 1 - Log in

Log into your Weebly Account to manage your Account details and settings 

Step 2 - Settings

Click on your site name on the dashboard (upper right corner) and select Account settings

Step 3 - Manage

Click Manage Account on your Weebly Account page

Step 4 - Deactivate 

Click the Deactivate My Account button 

After steps 1 through 4 are complete, you’ll be given an optional, final step. Once you’ve confirmed the above deactivation process, you’ll then be prompted to leave some feedback and let Weebly know how they can improve.  

Can you permanently delete your Weebly account data?

If you’re hoping to completely delete all of your data, simply deactivating your Weebly account won’t be enough to get you there. Here are a few measures you’ll want to take to erase your data for good: 

  • On your account page, find the My Data tab
  • Click the Erase Data & Forget Me option
    At this point, you’ve finally achieved deletion completion. All of your data and information are a thing of the past.

Ready to cancel your Weebly subscription? Here’s what you need to know

You may be at a point where you want to keep your Weebly subscription for a bit longer, but you aren’t interested in the auto-renewal option for down the road. Understandably, you may want to just see through the subscription you’ve already paid for. But if transitioning to a different web builder is on your radar for later on, you’ll want to follow these simple steps:

Disable auto-renew in account settings

  1. Click the drop-down menu on your Weebly dashboard and select Manage Account
  2. In your Account settings, click My Services
  3. Under Subscription, click Manage
  4. Disable the automatically renew option by using the Manage link 

You may now, however, be starting to consider severing ties more completely. If you’re ready to leave your Weebly website behind for good and try a different web development service, you’ll need to take a few actions. When it comes to canceling your plan and getting a refund, you’ll have to get Weebly support involved. 

Emailing or using support Chat to get a cancellation refund

  1. Click the Contact us button at the bottom of the support home page
  2. In the text box given, type your query (e.g., where do I find my payment method?)
  3. Weebly will first suggest a few solutions to your issue, then will offer the option to speak with support directly 
  4. To submit your question by email, click Email us
  5. To submit your question by Chat, click Chat now to connect with a team member

Calling support to get a cancellation refund

Regardless of which plan you’re subscribed to, any customer can access Weebly support via chat or email. Live phone support, however, is only available to higher-tier subscribers. 

Now that you've canceled your plan for good, you can turn your interest elsewhere.

Does unpublishing a Weebly site also permanently delete it?

To delete or not to delete? That is the question (in this case.) If you aren’t sure whether you’re ready to cancel with Weebly yet, unpublishing allows you to lean into the decision. 

Unpublishing Weebly website

You may have initially published your website with satisfaction, but for a variety of reasons, you’ve now changed your mind about it. If you haven’t decided concretely on deleting the site altogether, it may feel like a safe bet to begin with unpublishing it. This requires one simple action only:

  • Under Settings > General in your site editor, simply click Unpublish 

Permanently deleting a Weebly site

You’ve now decided you’re set to officially part ways with your Weebly site. You’ve assessed it from all angles and are certain this is the right move. A few extra steps are required here, but it’s really quite quick and easy:

  • Log in to your Weebly account
  • In your dashboard, click the drop-down site list 
  • Click the “...” button for the site you wish to delete
  • Select Delete Site

Your site is now gone and cannot be recovered - at least not on your own. There is technically an option to contact customer support and have it restored by their team. But if your goal was to be rid of your site once and for all, you’re in the clear at this rate. 

Quick actions breakdown:

Temporary actions

  • Deactivate Weebly account (perform in account)
  • Disable auto-renew (perform in account)
  • Unpublish Weebly site (perform in account)

Permanent actions

  • Delete Weebly account data (perform in account)
  • Cancellation refund (Contact support)
  • Delete Weebly site (perform in account)

Why leave Weebly for another web builder? 

According to, some of Weebly’s users have commented on a lack of website customizability and ability to fine-tune. Compared to some other web builders out there, this limited design flexibility has been noted as a significant setback. If you’re finding your Weebly website to be overly rigid in structure, B12 allows you to create your perfect website without limits.

Other FAQs

Password recovery in account settings page 

Anyone can forget their passwords from time to time. But you’ll need your password if you’re trying to cancel your Weebly account. If you don't have it stored or saved somewhere, there are fortunately a couple of ways to recover it: 

Retrieving password in Weebly account

  1. If logged into your Weebly app, use the provided link to reset your password
  2. If logged into your Weebly account via browser, reset your password on the Account page 

Retrieving password via reset link

  1. In the reset link, type your email in the Reset Password Request bar
  2. Click the blue Send button and reset instructions will be sent to your email

Can you delete a Weebly blog?

Had a change of heart on your blog? Whether it’s one post you want to delete or your entire Weebly blog, it’s all very easy to remove:

  1. Click on a selected post
  2. Click the drop-down arrow next to the Update button
  3. Select Delete Post
  4. Confirm in prompt window

Repeat the above steps for any or all of your blog posts. Note that deleted posts don’t have the option to be restored, so if you’re keen to still keep your content, just make sure it’s all saved in a file or document elsewhere first.

B12 is a great Weebly alternative for small and growing businesses

Switching to a web builder that better meets the needs of your business will be a worthwhile move. Though change can sometimes feel taxing, rest assured you and your business will be hitting the ground running in no time. B12 makes revamping an existing site or starting from scratch a process that’s user-friendly, quick, and set up for success.

Ready to boost your online presence by looking professional and attracting your target audience? B12 is the straightforward solution that offers a sense of relief right around the corner. Allow B12 to bring your business online in 30 days or less, so you have an optimized presence with all of the tools needed to sell more services with less effort.

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