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20 winning lead generation tactics for insurance agencies

15 December, 2020 · 10 min read·Traffic generation
20 winning lead generation tactics for insurance agencies
Here are 20 winning lead generation strategies. Use them to help you find a steady flow of new prospects that convert into insurance sales for your company.

Without leads, you have no business. Whether you're in life insurance, auto insurance, health insurance, or any form of insurance sales, you need leads. New leads provide insurance agents the opportunity to close deals, growing your client list.

How do you find leads? Ask any salesperson, and they'll tell you the biggest challenge they have in business is coming up with qualified prospects to pitch. We decided to give you some help with your marketing duties.

Here are 20 winning lead generation strategies. Use them to help you find a steady flow of new prospects that convert into insurance sales for your company.

#1 Attractive Landing Pages

In the "Digital Age" of business, you need an insurance marketing strategy meeting the new business environment's demands. Your website acts as your primary lead generation tool, capturing contact details, and issuing quotes automatically.

Your website design matters. B12 offers you a hybrid website design, harnessing the power of AI and a real-world design team to make your insurance website come to life. Using a professional design service gives you an attractive website with all the features and functions you need in a lead-generation tool.

B12 offers you full integration of marketing and management tools like CRMs and sales funnels.

Plug them into your site, and supercharge your lead generation and client management. With B12, you get a subscription service, providing easy updating and maintenance of your site.

If anything goes wrong with your site functions or design templates, the B12 team is there to help. Professional website design takes months to complete and cost you a fortune. With B12, you have your site ready for launch in 2-weeks or less, at a fraction of the price of using a traditional CMS like WordPress.

#2 Opt-in Lead Magnets

A lead magnet pops up on your landing pages, asking your visitor for their contact information. The lead magnet asks them for their phone number and tells the prospect you follow up with a phone call consultation.

There are several methods of issuing contact forms on your site. Your prospect isn't going to hand over their details for nothing. By incentivizing the process, you get more people taking action on your contact request. Without an incentive, people will find your lead magnets irritating.

A free e-book on an insurance topic is a great example of a value offer. People are willing to trade their information in exchange for yours. Be creative and add value with your lead magnets. You could offer digital media freebies or access to special mailing lists or member-only sections of your blog.

#3 CTAs

A "Call-to-Action" or CTA is a clickable button included on all your landing pages. CTAs improve your conversion rates by asking your prospect to take action on a piece of content or a specific area of your site.

For instance, the About Us page could feature all your salespeople and their bios. Include a headshot, and under the biography, leave a clickable button that says, "Click to arrange a consultation." CTAs are a critical part of online marketing, promoting your prospect to take action and become a client.

#4 Exit Detection

Have you ever decided to leave a site, and your screen freezes to show a pop-up box with a value offer and a lead magnet? It's a great addition to your marketing strategies, designed to get your prospect to re-focus on your value offer and take action if they haven't already.

On the rare occasion, your prospect might land on a page, find what they're looking for, and they navigate away back to Google. Exit detection gives you a last-ditch Hail-Mary play at capturing your prospect's details.

#5 Real-Time Live Chat

Real-time live chat is a great way to capture your prospect details right away. Adding a live chat feature to the corner of the screen allows your prospect to reach out to you directly from within your site. There's no need for them to find your contact details and write an email or pick up the phone.

A real-time chat with a real consultant gives you a chance to capture clients' details right there, adding them to your sales funnel. Real-time live chat is not something you want to outsource to an Indian consultancy service or other lead providers.

You need one of your consultants operating the chat round-the-clock to ensure you maximize every opportunity at capturing leads. Don't use chatbots, as people will discover they're not dealing with a real person and bounce from your site.

#6 Free Downloads

As mentioned, to create value in your lead magnets, you need to think about freebies to give your prospects. Your value offering should present value but not diminish your service level offering. In other words, you don't want to over-deliver because people won't see the value in your work and take it for granted.

The idea of a lead magnet value offering is to create interest in your client, causing them to reach out to you. High-quality content strategies on your lead magnets help to drive as much engagement with your prospects as possible while building your client list.

#7 Webinar and Workshop Registration

As an insurance salesperson, you have a wealth of knowledge of the insurance industry. You know the ins-and-outs of products and what to look for when signing up for a policy. That information is valuable, and people and potential clients are willing to hear you talk about those subjects.

Creating a webinar to talk about your products and services is a great way to get in front of a large audience. However, with a webinar, you could be talking to a larger audience. With webinars, you can reach anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.

When signing up for your webinar workshop, attendees must enter their email and phone number to reserve a spot, giving you a fresh line of ​new business.

#8 Press Releases

Your website is a great place to issue press releases regarding recent industry events and changes. Press releases are handy tools to capture attention. From information on insurance companies' mergers to the latest whitepaper on insurance products.

While the prospect is on the site reading the press release, you can hit them with a lead magnet asking them if they want to join your newsletter. The prospect leaves you a name, phone number, and email to gain access.

#9 Blogging

Every successful insurance website has a blog. Your blog serves a two-fold strategy. First, it acts as an educational and informational resource for clients and prospects viewing your site. Second, it works to attract leads to your sales funnels.

Use a content marketing strategy for your blog that keeps visitors coming to the site. If you don't have any writing skills, hire a writer, and have them produce the content for you. Blogging is a way to show your audience that you're an expert on a particular topic – like life insurance,

By building credibility with your audience, you create confidence in your prospects. When they think of anything insurance-related, it's you that has their top-of-mind awareness, and that's where they'll send their business.

With B12, you get access to a team of specialist SEO writers. When you sign up with the SEO Pro subscription, you get a blog tailored to your SEO and marketing strategy every month.

#10 Podcasts

In 2020, podcasting rose to fame. Today, there are millions of podcasts online discussing anything from classic cars to an insurance policy. You have experience in the insurance industry, and sharing that through a podcast can land you leads.

Your podcast gives you the freedom to talk about a range of topics in a long-content format. Use the opportunity to interview industry leaders, colleagues, and even your clients. Podcasting adds credibility to your brand and reputation, bringing you more leads.

#11 Client Referrals

Referrals are the holy grail of sales leads. Whether you need life insurance or auto insurance leads, referrals are the top-rated prospect any salesperson can land. It involves a client issuing you with a contact they feel could use your services. For a client to refer you, you must be doing a great job.

Implementing a referral program in your company is a great way to get your customers to do your marketing for you. However, when contacting your lead, make sure you have the contact call them first to let them know you will reach out.

#12 SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves a set of best practices and strategies designed to optimize your site and elevate your SERP and search results ranking. SEO is a broad range of tactics designed to produce a synergistic effect on your marketing.

Search engines like Bing and Google rank your site according to its reputation, value, and content. To get the best ranking, you'll need to spend time optimizing your site to meet the search engines' requirements.

Optimize landing pages, make your templates mobile-friendly, and get rid of duplicate content and pages. Look at your site speed, and get the latency as low as possible for fast page-loading times. With the right optimization strategy, you'll start dominating search, bring your business a stream of fresh leads.

#13 Twitter Communities

Social media is changing the way we communicate. Today, everyone has a voice online thanks to social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Twitter is a fantastic platform for reputation building and lead generation.

Spend some time using the Twitter search function, and you'll find a host of tweets relating to the insurance industry, spend a few hours a week engaging with people asking about insurance questions. People will engage with your posts and follow your account, giving you a reputation online.

As you build your credibility, you'll find you start receiving DMs from people asking you to help them choose the right insurance policy.

#14 Facebook Marketing

Log onto Facebook right now, and the chances are your clients also have it open on their phone. With more than 2-billion users, Facebook is the worlds leading social media platform. Around 2010, Facebook started aggressively ramping up its marketing functions on the platform.

The introduction of Facebook Ads changed the marketing game. Today, you can reach out to your prospects directly in their Facebook feed. Facebook Ads give you a fully-functional marketing platform to find more leads and close more deals.

Log on to the ad manager dashboard, and you can start campaigns for conversion, lead generation, and brand awareness. The ad manager lets you build targeted campaigns for prospects, growing your list with a small budget.

Say goodbye to old legacy sales systems like cold calling. Get quality leads from digital marketing tactics that work.

#15 LinkedIn Marketing

Are you on LinkedIn? It's time you start putting those contacts to use. LinkedIn is the largest professional network online, with hundreds of millions of active users. LinkedIn users spend more time on the site than other social platforms, and they tend to dwell on pages for longer consuming content.

LinkedIn offers you the opportunity to post on your page, starting a "mini-blog." This content allows you to build your brand as an insurance salesperson, giving people interesting, relevant information on the insurance industry and your products through your posts.

LinkedIn provides you with another source of qualified prospects and a means to build your reputation. Start growing your presence on the platform, and increase your connections with relevant contacts. Remember to reach up, not down, in all your online communications, and always keep things professional.

#16 YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google. Every hour, there are over 30,000-hours of content uploaded to the platform. YouTube has a collection of content in every genre you can imagine, including insurance products.

Starting a channel gives you a fantastic way to share product launches, interviews with clients, and your podcast. However, YouTube is not only a platform for creators but also a platform for advertisers. You can sign up with YouTube to host ads on the site.

Create a 60-second ad, and YouTube plays it in front of videos in your niche, giving your company exposure and a source of new leads. An advertising budget on YouTube goes a long way, and you'll get plenty of reach from your ads.

You can track everything within the YouTube Ad manager dashboard, giving you access to targeted campaigns that bring real results.

#17 Strategic Partnerships

Creating strategic partnerships with other small businesses in your local area is a great way to get leads. While working online is the preferred method in the digital era, there's still plenty of opportunity for finding leads through traditional methods.

Look for other financial firms that have synergy with yours. You might have a CPA, financial advisor, and attorney, you can put your clients in touch with if they need those services. In return, your network can help to promote your insurance business when they have clients looking for your assistance.

Strategic partnerships help you form a network of professionals, where you all feed off each other's efforts. However, you must choose the right partner. Make sure you complete your due diligence before committing to a referral system with anyone.

#18 Guest Posting

Outreach is a vital component of SEO. It involves contacting webmasters of other sites, asking for a backlink. The site might ask you to pay for the service, or they might be willing to do a link swap. The purpose of the link is to create a virtual bridge between your sites.

A permanent link on an authority site boosts your ranking score, elevating your site in search. If you create enough backlinks, you'll begin to dominate search, and the leads start pouring in.

However, it can take up to 6-months for results to show up from your backlinking efforts.

#19 Quora

Quora is probably the last platform you would expect to find leads. However, Quora offers marketers a wealth of opportunities for capturing new business. People come to Quora to find answers to pressing questions.

As an insurance salesperson, you have plenty of expertise in structuring and analyzing insurance policies, and there are people on Quora looking for that information right now.

Spend a few hours each week answering Quora questions, and you'll find it surprising how many leads you get. Quora is one of the best lead generation methods online, and it allows you to build your reputation as well.

#20 Email Marketing Campaigns

Email revolutionized business communications, but are you using it to its potential? Email marketing is a time-testing marketing practice with excellent results for insurance lead generation. Email marketing is the modern equivalent of direct mail, giving you a powerful follow-up system for keeping in touch with your clients.

Your email marketing strategy needs to be more informative than pushy. With B12, you get integration options for a wide variety of email campaign management software. Build your email templates, and send them out to your list.

Solo Ads also make an excellent tool for insurance marketing. If you're struggling to build your list – rent someone else's. There are dozens of vendors out there offering qualified lists of contacts looking for insurance services. With Solo Ads, you rent ad space on their mailing list in a similar PPC model.

The vendor charges you if the prospect clicks on your link. It's a great way for new marketers to build their email list fast.

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