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How to create convincing hedge fund marketing materials?

15 December, 2020 · 10 min read·Traffic generation
How to create convincing hedge fund marketing materials?
In this article, we will look at all of the hedge fund marketing materials that you will need to achieve success.

There are some huge considerations when looking at the best way to put hedge fund marketing materials together.

The fundraising process is essential to get it right the first time so you must prepare some sample hedge fund marketing material.

Your marketing strategy will determine the success of attracting investors.

In this article, we will look at all of the hedge fund marketing materials that you will need to achieve success.

But first a little about us and what we do...

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We can offer highly functional web designs that are tailored exactly for your business. Our service is especially suitable for small businesses that wish to go online effectively, and we have helped many lawyers, financial consultants, hedge fund managers and real estate agents get up and running in the online world.

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Now, keep reading and we will continue our look into how to create convincing hedge fund marketing materials.

What are the Best Hedge Fund Marketing Materials to Prepare?

A hedge fund manager should be ready to have impressive marketing materials to hand before they are actually required. They should be ready to revise them frequently during the fundraising process to reflect the realities of the changing situation and consider feedback from their investors on the substance of the materials.

All of the marketing material needs to have a professional look - however, they are prepared. They are the first impression that many potential investors receive from the fund and they must impress.

In other words, substance and style are important.

In the initial phase, before you are ready to actively find investors there are some basic marketing materials for hedge funds. These are:

The teaser.

This is the start of the marketing materials for a hedge fund.

It should be a short marketing piece that acts as a teaser. It will function as an overview of your overall fund strategy and your company.

The more in-depth details can be saved for later at a proper pitch meeting, but the teaser can be used in advance to create enthusiasm for the project amongst potential investors.

Pitch book.

As with most firms, a hedge fund or private equity company needs a way to present it's business model in order to raise capital.

Many fund managers need to improve the way they approach pitching their funds and help potential investors do their due diligence. We will say more about that later.

The pitch book is essential to get right. It should be a short but detailed showcase for the fund's way of operating, investment pipeline, and strategy.

The stage of the process will make a difference as to what information is included in the pitch book. The target investors, benchmarks and the different aspects of the value in the propositions are both vital considerations.

The function of a broker-dealer here is to develop a professional looking and compelling elevator pitch to attract some initial interest for capital raising from accredited investors. The details can be refined later to appeal to different sectors of investors.

A document outlaying the key terms.

This is a key document that defines the various different parts of the fund. It should include the capital commitments (the size of the fund), the hurdle rate, details of management fees, the carried interest to the investment management, detailed descriptions of the organizational costs, and the anticipated liquidity and returns to the investors. Clarity is essential!

Once you move along the process of the marketing efforts there will be other vital marketing materials for hedge funds that you will need to prepare. Some of these are:

An outstanding website.

It is essential that you invest in a substantial professional looking website that is tailored to your hedge fund.

It should convey your expertise and experience as a company, and send a positive message to any pipeline companies or prospective investors.

If you would like to learn more about the opportunity for website design that we offer, you can find us here

An engrossing brochure.

Due to the tremendous advances in digital media, many people consider brochures to be obsolete.

However, we consider it to be an essential hedge fund marketing tool for raising new funds and general solicitation. It allows you to establish trust with a potential investor, improve messaging, and is also an option to show that a broker-dealer is professional and knowledgeable about investment vehicles.

Investment (or private placement) memorandum. This is a document that is basically a business plan on how to make the fund work. It will include various details such as environmental and social metrics, key terms, etc.

These documents can range from a legal advice document that is something basic to long marketing pieces that can become a part of your investment fund's overall marketing program.

Biographies of key investment people.

Conveying as much detail as possible is essential to people who will consider a potential investment. They need to feel they can trust them with their money and be confident of getting a high return.

Writing biographies about your investment team can help illustrate their expertise and experience.

You can also emphasize how they will be an effective investment manager or broker-dealer using a particular strategy for your fund, rather than just listing past glories and track record.

You should write about the team's effectiveness at working together, how do their skills mesh with each other, and length of time as colleagues.

You can also write a section about the size of your team, and the support staff that you have available, and their track record. It all helps to make you seem a solid unit and worthy of trust.

Case studies.

Writing case studies are always an effective way to build your authority as service providers and asset managers. Describing past trades will make the investment process seem real and allow your investors to understand how you work as a broker-dealer, and the strategies you use with alternative investment.

You should show both your successes and challenges that you have faced. Investors in hedge funds can be pretty savvy and will like to read about how you solve difficult issues. You should discuss why some cases worked better than others and explain why.

Case studies can show that your investment strategies are effective, and will be again in the future. You can also demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of what makes a fund work. Demonstrate your expertise about changing market conditions and how they can affect profits.

It is all worth doing and will help build your relationship with investors.

Monthly investment updates.

These are always useful sales tools as they allow you to demonstrate your investment knowledge.

You can explain what issues the regions you invest in are facing and the trends that you expect to see develop over the coming months.

You can tackle some of the more complicated investment strategies that certain funds follow, and without being overcritical, explain why your methods are more effective.

Always stress your logical, transparent, and coherent qualities. The aim should be to be clear about your approach to investing and explain how you plan to use the opportunities available in the markets to your advantage.

Any professional relationship requires regular communication and clear information and this is an ideal way to achieve that.

There are definitely other hedge fund marketing materials that can be effective, and we have just given you an idea of what will work for you. There are plenty of opportunities online to do further research on the subject and we are also planning some follow up articles.

In the meantime, please consider a couple of effective slogans for your next hedge fund campaign….

“We Deliver Superior Risk-Adjusted Returns” and "Investing is an art that not many can master."


Not all hedge funds need to actively advertise in the media or online, but it is becoming an accepted necessity for many firms as people don't want to be left behind.

Many investor relations departments already have these measures as part of their marketing strategy, but there is always room for improvement.

If you create a suite of marketing materials that are clear and concise you will reassure your investors and send a regular message about your competence and expertise when investing their money.

The result will be that you communicate successfully and keep up an informed dialogue with your investors.

If you follow the suggestions above for hedge fund marketing materials you will be on the right path to differentiating yourself from other competing funds.

It is essential that you analyze what your strengths are as a firm and convey that to your potential investors. Our hybrid human/artificial intelligence web builder can help you do that.

For more information about how can help you achieve your goals, click here.

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