Introducing B12

We are thrilled to share today that B12 (formerly known as Unlimited Labs) has raised a $12.4M Series A. We’ll start by telling you about what we are up to at B12 and then talk about the wonderful folks who are joining our team as investors.

25 July, 2016· 3 min read

by Nitesh Banta, Co-Founder and CEO

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Hi, B12!

At B12, our mission is to help people accomplish more as they work. We are fascinated by the rise of artificial intelligences (AIs) and automation technologies that are becoming increasingly capable of performing narrow human tasks. The next couple of decades will bring unprecedented changes and challenges in the way we work. We are interested in how we can use this moment to build a brighter future of work.

We started out by creating and open sourcing a human-assisted AI work platform called Orchestra that builds upon close to a decade of research that our team and others have done on how people and machines can work productively together. Orchestra enables teams of experts to build amazing things together through broad changes to conventional workflows using a collection of narrow AIs. In other words, it gives us superpowers by automating the mundane and rote parts of our daily work.
Today we are proud to announce B12, our first product built on top of Orchestra. B12 is the best way in the world to design and optimize a website. The platform combines Orchestra’s project management automation, our proprietary algorithmic design engine, and teams of experts to make self-optimizing, agency-quality sites at DIY software prices. Check it out and sign up for access to our beta.

B12 is part of a broader movement toward what we call intelligent software. Intelligent software seamlessly integrates AIs and human expertise to build products with simple user interfaces and incredible capabilities. With intelligent software, we can democratize a product experience that has been out of reach to many, while enabling a new global workforce.

Our Series A

We are lucky to grow the B12 team with the close of our Series A. The round was led by Larry Bohn at General Catalyst, Jim Breyer at Breyer Capital, David Frankel at Founder Collective, and SV Angel, along with participation from many other entrepreneurs, technologists and friends who have helped grow companies like Akamai, Dropbox, Grammarly, Locu, OpenAI, Naturebox, Stripe, and Upwork.
There are few words to express our team’s gratitude for all of the investors who have had such early conviction in our company. I am blessed to have the continued support of my family at General Catalyst and specifically Larry Bohn who has been a personal mentor and sherpa to me through the world of venture. Similarly, I am thrilled to welcome Jim Breyer to the B12 family. Jim has an unmatched track record in the venture space and has been an early visionary around the rise of human-assisted AI.

Adam and I also owe special thanks to the support we received from friends in the technology community. So many peers and mentors were willing to invest instantly in us when frankly there was nothing to invest in. This support from individual angels is often overlooked, but I can’t emphasize enough how incredibly comforting this early backing was as we took the impractical jump into a new venture. We hope to be able to pay it forward to individuals we meet in the coming years who are thinking about a similar journey.

What’s next?

A funding round is always a wonderful milestone to celebrate, but it is also a reminder of how much work is yet to be done. We have a multi-decade mission to power Orchestra with the ever growing set of AI technologies that will be developed. As the future of work is written in the coming years, we hope we can do our part to ensure that the next chapter of how we work is better than the last. Onward and upward!

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