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Wisdolia - Create Smart Flashcards That Aid in Learning
Wisdolia - Create Smart Flashcards That Aid in Learning




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Flashcards have long been a mainstay in any student’s arsenal of learning tools. With Wisdolia, the process of generating flashcards becomes easier and smarter. This AI learning tool works on PDFs, articles on the web, or even YouTube videos. Wisdolia provides instant feedback to help learners understand what they got right and what they need to improve on. The tool also provides further information so that learners can get more context and in-depth data. 


  • Works on various file formats (PDFs, articles, and videos)
  • Smart flashcard generation in seconds
  • Multi-language support
  • Time efficiency
  • Users can save their flashcards on the platform itself


  1. What is Wisdolia?

Wisdolia is an AI learning tool that helps learners generate smart flashcards for more immersive learning. This AI tool works with various types of content, which users can then transform into flashcards. These include lecture slide decks, YouTube videos, PDFs, textbooks, notes, research articles, web pages, and study guides. Wisdolia also works on diagrams, meaning users can incorporate those images into their flashcards for better recall. 

  1. How much does Wisdolia cost?

Wisdolia works on a freemium model. Its free plan allows users to generate up to 15 flashcards every month. Users get limited pages and minutes for videos (10 pages and 10 minutes). With the Mega Mind plan ($5 per month), users can create up to 40 smart flashcards every month. They can upload 100 pages per PDF and 60 minutes for a YouTube video. Meanwhile, Super Learner ($12 per month) subscribers get access to unlimited generations, image occlusion powered by AI, unlimited pages, and unlimited minutes per video. 

  1. Is Wisdolia an app? 

Wisdolia can be accessed via browsers; it also works as an extension. This makes it convenient for desktop users to access at any time so they can engage in immersive learning. 

  1. What are the benefits of Wisdolia?

Wisdolia simplifies the process of creating smart flashcards for learners. Besides the convenience, it also supports multiple languages. Learners can make flashcards using any language. Wisdolia is also handy since it can work with various forms of content, from standard textbooks and web pages to diagrams and videos. 

  1. How does Wisdolia work?

Wisdolia works by analyzing the link or document that a user has uploaded. It uses the content to generate smart flashcards, which learners can use for better learning and understanding of various topics. With Wisdolia, learning can be more immersive and fun for learners of any age. 

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